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Help needed naming my new music/photography/graphics business?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) May 30th, 2008

I am starting a little firm for myself where I will start working my trombone playing skills and photography/graphics/web oriented talents. It is not going to be a shop for this, only the name of the firm itself. any cool tops would be appreciated. Trombone and music is a big part of this thing. Words for the trombone are ‘bone’, ‘trombone’, ‘slide trombone’, ‘paperclip’...

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Not great names, but these words come to mind…



Venturi- a small constriction of the air column, adding a certain amount of resistance and to a great extent dictating the tone of the instrument

Glissando Maybe commercialize it a little more “Gliss & O” or something.

Long Arm

Too bad the early names for the trombone don’t work very well. Sackbut & Shagbolt.

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Slide Shot

Graphic Bone

I will ponder this. I love this stuff

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haha, Gliss & O… very clever! Keep em coming guys. Love your ideas here. Other names could be

Slide Factory
Brass Academy
Slide Area
Artful arm

just ideas…

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Art Bone
Bone Art
Balloon Lung Graphics
Art Jam
Art Ride
Sliphorn Art
Sliphorn Graphics
Art Riff

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Bone & Flash

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Guys, this is great, keep em coming! I go another suggestion from my dad.


…you know the old term for black and white… two-tone!

Awakens any new ideas?

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I like the play on words of 2Tone (both musically and graphically).

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Too bad the name is taken…. takes you to

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Just some helpful stuff I learned from business name choosing and other such endeavors. Keep in mind, a name that is bold, catches your eye, is easy to say and easy to remember will get you the greatest amount of positive attention.

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