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Should we get into trouble if she signed a contract?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) June 15th, 2012

My friends mom signed a contract saying she could go to Florida with me and my Dad. A week later they fought and now my friend lives with her Dad even though her mom has legal custody. If her mom wanted to, could my me and my Dad get in trouble for still taking my friend with us even if her Mom was simply mad and said she couldn’t go? For example, say her Mom called the police, saying we took her without her permission and we showed them a contract, could we still be in trouble?

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I doubt there are any package contracts for this that you can walk in and buy for 50 bucks, and I doubt you paid a lawyer for such a thing, so you probably don’t have a contract. I suspect you probably have a paper you guys made, and that because of this, all you have is a glorified permission slip that means nothing.

Or… I am wrong, you did go to a lawyer, it is a legal contract with a stated jurisdiction and all that good stuff, and in that case you are good to go.

Do you have any more info on this contract?

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I would say your friend cannot go with you to FL if her mom doesn’t wamt her too. Even if she said she could go last week, now if she changed her mind probably your and your friend are SOL. Just like your mom can ground you ate any time and say you can’t go to a party you planned to go to.

There is no way your parents are going to take your friend with them to FL if they know she does not have permission anymore. Or, at least most parents wouldn’t.

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Nobody in their right mind would take someone else’s child on a trip unless they were positive that it would be ok. Chances are your dad would be discussing the trip with your friend’s mom or dad, when it came time to go, and once they found out it’s not ok, your dad wouldn’t take your friend if her parents didn’t want her to go.

I’d say your friend’s best bet would be to try to discuss this with her parents. Maybe if your dad calls to discuss the trip with your friend’s parents, that might help. They may change their minds. If not, your friend is SOL.

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Spell trouble with a capital “F”, for Federal. That’s whose jurisdiction it becomes when you cross a state line with a minor without knowledge/consent of the child’s parent/guardian.

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this question just sent me back to adolescence when one trip was all consuming and denial of my wants would ruin my life.

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@Judi: Yes, when you have little or no control over stuff like this, it sucked big time.

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Lord. #1, how old are you and your friend?
#2 Is it for a week’s vacation, or are you planning on moving to Florida?

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Don’t do it.

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We need more information, really.

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Some “kiddie contract” is not going to hold up in any court of law.

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Well @poisonedantidote,your doubts are right.We wrote up what was going on so that, just incase, it showed that my dad was responsible for my friend for that week and that they were able to go. But you don’t have to go assuming we’re 5 years old and don’t know how to handle the situation. I know that since her mom has legal custody over her and doesn’t want her to go, that she now can’t. It’s a no brainer. But my friend doesn’t care,she wanted to know from people who this might’ve happened to before so I asked the question. She wanted just a bit of hope. Life’s been going down a dark hole for her since a little fight with her mom and she just wanted reassurance. And @Dutchess_III , we’re 16 going on a week vacation, not moving.

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That helps a lot. I got the impression from the question that it was more like “What if the mom changes her mind.” Did she?

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