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Would it be weird if I add a friend of a friend on Facebook?

Asked by skateangel (321points) June 15th, 2012

He doesn’t know me but I’ve liked him for a while now…but he has his own group of friends who don’t know me at all so I don’t wanna creep him out. Do people do that kind of thing? Thanks:)

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You could try adding him. It is not really weird or anything. You might try adding a message to your friend request reminding him who you are. Something like, “Hi, I’m Jillian’s friend. I thought we could get to know each other better.”

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People do it all the time. I agree with @marinelife

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I had someone do that to me. He was a friend of one of my friends and I didn’t know him at all. We are now good friends. Try it!

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I can’t really see why that should be considered weird because that’s perfectly OK if you want to make friends with your friends’ friends :)

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I just added a friend of a friend in order to see some wedding photos.

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I do it all the time.

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It’s the whole point of Facebook, after all.

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My brother in another city, sent a friend request to a young woman my son had just friended. It was creepy.

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Since you don’t know the person and how they might react, it’s probably best not to send a friend request out of the blue unless you are willing to take the risk. Think through the possible outcomes.
1. The person accepts the request. What then?
2. The person turns down the request. How will this make you feel?
3. The request sits in limbo (not confirmed or denied). It generates assumptions about why they are sitting on the fence.

Please let us know what you decide to do and what happens. In this age where romance can blossom on the internet, it can make a good story.

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If I were you, I’d try interacting with him on your friend’s status updates first, just so it’s not completely out of the blue. After you’ve done that a few times, go ahead and send the friend request. I have two ‘friends of friends’ on my own account, and both happened in just that way.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yeah I’ve been thinking about those possibilities too…There’s a good chance he
won’t care to add someone he doesn’t know and it would hurt:/ I’d just end up looking pathetic…I’m not really sure what to do yet..Thanks for the feedback though everyone:)

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It can be fine. One of the coolest guys I interact with now added me because we were part of a conversation on a mutual friend’s status update… talking about a popular TV show we both liked. He seemed really cool and I wanted to know him more, then bam, he added me. Saved me the trouble. So I think it’s okay sometimes. Another pretty cool guy did the same thing under a status update posted by someone we both know… we had a fun chat with her and each other and he ended up adding me then, which I found neat because I was interested in getting to know him more also…. Neither case seemed random to me at all… and these are not the only times a “friend of a friend” has added me. There have even been times when friends of mine became Facebook friends with each other simply because they were both friends with me. I like seeing that. It shows they get along and I like it when my friends get along. If you are attractive, sociable (in a good way), and nice, he just might end up accepting your friend request if you send him one. If the conversation on the status update ends up extremely interesting, one or both of you might feel like you’re annoying your mutual friend with notifications and want to continue your conversation in Chat or PMs.

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Send a message first to him.

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