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Where is the best place to get scuba certified if you live on the Peninsula?

Asked by blairsilverberg (4points) June 15th, 2012

-I live in Palo Alto
-I want to be able to dive in Monterey Bay
-I need to get certified over the summer

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The shortest answer to your question is “in a heated swimming pool”. But I suspect that you want more than that, like a “by whom?” Maybe someone here can answer that exact question for you, but I’d be more inclined to take the word of friends or even recommendations out of the phone book or a Yellow Pages search in G**gle for the geographic area of your interest.

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I“m Padi certified. I like them better than Naui.

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Check your yellow pages. Then check with YELP or other critic sites.

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PADI has a dive shop locator That should be a start.

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