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What features would you like to see on Fluther?

Asked by koesac (148points) May 30th, 2008

To get the ball rolling:

How about a text service like twitter which you could use to get instant answers while out and about?

A count of how many people are online on the front page.

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As always, I think the Fluther gods would also like seeing any recommendations posted to the Man o’ War chatroom as well.

Even if no one is in there at the moment, leave your msg, and they’ll read it later.

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I bet more people would be in a chat room if there was a flipping link to it on the top of the page.

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Remove the newly-introduced lag between when a GA is awarded and when it shows up on your lurve list.

Somehow, that’s now got me to checking on my lurve, whereas before, I hardly paid attention to it.

For me, it’s the programmatic equivalent of a missing tooth… my tongue keeps wanting to probe the lurve now. [ Wow… that’s a visual I didn’t intend when I set out on this quip. ]

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There seems to be a increase of interest in our fluther avitars. I know of many users have started viewing the pictures larger on the index page, and then there’s phoenyx’s truely amazing wallpaper…

How about a feature that allows you to click on a user’s avitar and see a larger version of their picture? (but without leaving the question page you’re on. So, maybe it just grows 5 times in size for like 2 seconds, and then shrinks again.) Whaddya think?

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@breedmitch, you mean like this?

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Yes, but without having to leave this page somehow. I regularly keep a second tab with the fluther picture index open so i can quickly see a larger pic of whomever I’m fluthering, I fluther from my couch and use my hdtv as a monitor, so sometimes an avitar is just too small waaay over there.
So, let’s say I click on your avitar right up there. The master of disaster would quickly zoom to 5 times it’s size there for just a short moment and then shrink back.

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ah, yes, like Facebook does when viewing a list of people. That would be cool.

(Of course, my icon is already at max size; I didn’t load a big image that was auto-thumbed. So it would just pixelate, unless a limiter was builtin to only zoom up to max available size. Should be easy enough, tho’.)

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I have no knowledge of this facebook of which you speak. On a side note, how does one shrink a photo size? I take pictures at a high resolution apparently, and people are always asking me to shrink them in emails.

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@Breedmitch -

Sign up for Photoshop Express and you’ll be able to edit (and re-size) your photos then e-mail off a link – 2GB of free storage for them.

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Some email programs, like Mac’s Mail, will auto-shrink images (based on prefs) for email purposes.

Some email programs, like Microsoft Outlook, will convert your nice/tiny JPG into a huge honkin’ BMP if you attempt any in-email edits. So watch out.

Picasa is a nice freeware that has some rudimentary editing tools. And it has an “Email” button that will auto-shrink the selected photo and attach it to a new email for you.

Like @benseven says, if you have a lot of photos to share, consider an online storage instead of email attachments. Snapfish and its ilk will host full-size, printable copies for you nigh indefinitely. And your friends/family can view/print them as well.

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Thanks to both of you!

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One small thing: some kind of auto-numbering of the answer posts in each thread would make it easier to reference specific comments, especially in lengthier discussions. Askville (my old haunt) does this. Here’s a random page from an Askville discussion board, just to show you what it looks like (the post numbers are very faint and on the right side of each post).

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A feature I’d like to see stay is that all of the Answers for a Question are on the same page (that is, no pagination).

The obvious exception might be that I wouldn’t want to read the Fluther story from a mobile device, but those kinds of discussions are few and far between.

After looking at Harp’s Askville link, and seeing the pagination at the bottom of the screen, I already felt exhausted knowing there were more pages to go. What if I re-read something in particular, but couldn’t remember right where’d I’d seen it last? I’d hafta page my way thru. Ugh.

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Agreed, the pagination is a major pain.

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I said this in the question i asked a while ago about making fluther better, but ill repost it here since we have quite a few new members since then.

“So i was browsing fluther the other night and i came up with what i think is a pretty cool idea. Every so often ill click on a question i dont particularly care about but want to see the answers or in questions that turn into a lot of talking or debate. I thought it would be nice if there was a button that could collapse all the answers except the ones that were awarded great answers. So that i could quickly at a glance see the best ones. And since fluther is “live” it would be like a live feature where you can click a button and you see them all collapse and then reopen so the page doesnt have to reload or anything. Just something i was thinking about that would make fluther better so figured id share.”

The button should be labeled “show me the goods” or something like that lol

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- The ability to enlarge someone’s avatar to a reasonable size on mouse over. I’ve been seeing this in alot of forums. Very cool.

- More extensive user profiles.

- Resorting of answers based on feedback, to prioritize quality content.

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a thingymabober that when you click on it shows WHO gave you points

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