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What is your highest level of education, and if you have a degree of any type, what is your major?

Asked by jca (35972points) June 15th, 2012

What is your highest level of education? If you have any type of degree, what kind of degree do you have and what is your major?

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BA with a major in astronomy and a minor in French lit.

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BA in History.

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Ph.D. theology
Ph.D. Education
M.S. Computer science

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MA in liberal arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico
BA cum laude in history from Oklahoma Baptist University

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I“m turning this into a lurve party.

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I got’s to the third grade, found I could ask questions about if she like’s me on fluther, and got hooked. Holy shit, I feel like an underachiever with a B.S. In Animal Science.

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BS in Mathology

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@Adirondackwannabe We lurves you baby!
BS in Human Ecology
AAS in Fashion Design

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I am in the process of completing a PhD in philosophy.

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BS in Communication.

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BA in History- Ancient Near Eastern Sociology.

Do you want professional education as well? PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, Series 7, 63, MCP

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Formally, EM rating from Naval Nuclear “A”-school, which put me about halfway to a degree in Electrical Engineering, and a couple of Certificates of Completion for machine shop, computer repair, and computer networking

I’m not rich enough to buy a degree, so I haven’t officialized much of what I know with any “prestigious” pieces of paper. For those jobs that say a degree is mandatory, it’s cheaper to just bribe HR into overlooking a formality ;)

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Currently only a high school education, but I’m slated to enter college to get my BA degree in international relations and politics in the fall. I’m planning to further pursue the same field to at least an MA.

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All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten, although I didn’t finish. I had to drop out when I was nineteen to support my wife and children. Happy memories—milk, cookies, and a nap.

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@ratboy I still wet my pants in kindergarten so I was really glad to be able to kind move beyond that and learn other things and other ways to be. I was glad for my opportunities at “higher education,” in that respect, at least.

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Verbal degree from the school of hard knocks.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought respect for the black belt, how long did it take you? Was it all horribly horribly boring, and difficult? What was your experience?

I’ve got a BA in Applied Linguistics, currently working on my MA in International Relations (with a focus on intl. project management).

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High school dropout, here. Last grade completed was 11th (junior year).

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@augustlan It doesn’t seem to have harmed you. :-) You’re smart as a whip and better educated than many, however you managed to do it;.

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BA in Literature, in Theater Arts, in Studio Art and in Secondary Education. 2 classes left for a BA in History. Uhh… that doesn’t show how smart I am but how scattered I was. And dumb… because I only get paid for 1 BA.

I have a required-by-job MEd. in Deaf Education. To go after what I wanted all along, I’m starting my MA in Linguistics this fall. I plan to pursue a doctorate in Cognitive Linguistics.

I have the Hard Knocks degree too :D

I agree, @augustlan, you’re way smarter, more well rounded and way more insightful than most people I know!!

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juris doctor

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BFA in Communication Design

And I just found out (yesteday) I’ll be starting my MFA next year, because my new employer is paying for it. ::woot::

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AA in Liberal Arts, concentration in Psychology
BS in Speech & Hearing Sciences, minor in Psychology
MA in Audiology

Real world experience is where most of my true education has happened, both personally and professionally. I have been debating for about 15 years if I want to get my AuD – the Clinical Doctorate for Audiology. It didn’t exist when I got my Master’s, so it is not a requirement for me.

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I have a Bachelors of Science in Economics with a minor in Environmental Studies.

And now I fix blogs.

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BA & MA in History, working on a PhD. But despite the blinders you have to put on in academia, I still retain the interests of a glittering generalist!

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I got a number of GCSEs. My formal education finished at 16 years old.

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I have a BA in philosophy. Right now I am working to finish my MA, also in philosophy.

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I’m in studying for my BS in Psychology. 6 more course and 9 elective credits to complete, and I’m finally finished

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BS in Business Economics.

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No degree. I got one A level (maths) but it wasn’t enough to get me into university.

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One class and student teaching away from a BA in education with endorsements in special education and library science. I plan to go straight for a MA of library science once the BA is finished.

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I have a BS in biopsychology.

I also sort of have a master’s degree. I am in a terminal PhD program and have passed all my qualifying exams, so if I left it right now, I would have a master’s degree. But if I finish with the PhD, I’ll never have the masters.

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@nikipedia : That’s interesting O_o I didn’t know it ever worked like that… I am in a terminal PhD program too, but once I earn my PhD, it’s not like I won’t be able to say I have a Master’s, because I got it on the way to the PhD. Why does your program deny you an MA en route to the PhD?

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@bookish1, good question. I think they’re just dicks and don’t want to do extra paperwork or something.

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BS in nursing. Planning to go back for my MS in nursing next year.

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@gailcalled Wha- I had no idea your degree was in astronomy. That’s super cool!

Currently a rising sophomore in college, took me a while to figure out what I was gonna do. I was dead set on physics when I graduated high school, but decided that 74638 years of schooling wasn’t what I needed. Then considered robotics engineering, but the intro course, while very cool, showed me that path wasn’t for me. These days I’m feeling good about computer science with a minor in math. Woo!

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@Mariah: It was an odd degree but convenient since the Russians launched Sputnik the year before I graduated, and the US government was throwing money at anyone who knew anything about the subject. I got a wonderful job at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, two blocks from my apartment in Cambridge.

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@fremen_warrior just 2 years. My mentor looked amazing in a sundress and heels, kept me focused.

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Am I the only adult on Fluther who doesn’t have a degree?

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@downtide: I looked at the posts above, and stopped at 4. There are at least four people above that don’t have one either, including @augustlan.

The Lurve fairy came in the early hours of morning and delivered extra lurve.

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@jca: Haha, I think I might have been the lurve fairy this time. Right now I’m a few hours ahead of many jellies on here :-p

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@bookish1: No, I meant myself – I did that around 9:30 this morning. I am about as far east in US as can be. I added lurve to all I hadn’t added lurve to. If it’s you, too, then all the merrier!

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@jca: I did that too when I woke up, and my noon is your 6 am :)

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@bookish1: Great! More lurve for the recipients!

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@downtide: Milo here; I have only honorary degrees (but, boy, do I have a lot,) so technically I fit your criterion.

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@downtide, I think the catch is that you may be the only adult on here . . . screw degrees . . .

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Wow, you guys are friggin’ smart (or rich) lol.

I’m doing meteorology in the navy, and I’m slowly building Gen Ed credits at the moment to get a degree in meteorology some day. It’s hard to go to college in the military because I have to move all the time, but I’m getting there.

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@Blackberry: Nope, I’m just a very persistent masochist :-p

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High school diploma, which I never received in physical form and I’m not 100% sure I graduated. (I did my senior year in France and later had to take Civics and CA History at a community college to graduate).

I have several years of college, but no piece of paper to show for it.

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@downtide I think I must be the only adult on Fluther without even a high school diploma. (Unless @MissAnthrope was conned out of hers.) I never even went the GED route.

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In the process of completing high school education.
I would like to go to college, but I want to have a goal. I don’t want to go to college without something in mind like a lot of people do.
Trying to decide what to do though.

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BA in History, MA in History, started PhD in History (but didn’t finish). In about 40–50 years, I’ll be history.

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