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Blondes or Brunettes or doesn't matter?

Asked by 15acrabm (512points) June 15th, 2012

This is actually just something my boyfriend and I are “arguing” about. He thinks guys mostly go for blondes and girls mostly go for brunettes. I personally disagree and assume it is pretty even for both genders, (It actually happens to be brunettes for me, but I’m sure many girls would say blonde!) I’m trying to take a survey to see who is right! By saying one or the other doesn’t mean that you would never be interested in a girl or guy without that hair color, it is just saying that girls or guys with that hair color are who you are immediately attracted to. So if you would, could you please tell me your gender and your preference?

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I’m a guy, I go for brunettes. And usually fail miserably.

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I can tell you, as someone who has worn my hair blonde, brunette, and even red, that blonde women get a lot more attention. Red gets a different kind of attention. Men with a thing for redheads have an intensity to their redhead obcession that is different than the attention I got as a blonde.
(This is old data. I’m pretty old and have been out of the dating scene for a few years.)

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Redheads. But if a blond only has a brunette friend or vice versa, I will still let the two of them have a good time. But seriously, I prefer the full set.


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Redheads are the best ;)

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Sorry I completely forgot about redheads! They count too of course!

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Speaking as a redhead I can tell you that I do love me some red headed men. But for the most part I’ve found just about every body type, shape, size, and hair colored person attractive in one way or another.

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Doesn’t matter, though there’s some skin tone/hair color matching to be careful of.

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@Trillian, my redheaded daughter married a redhead and has 4 redheaded babies. We tell them that their narcissists.

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@Judi Hitting the booze a bit early are we?

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Tee hee. Damned auto correct! Had time to edit thank goodness. Thanks for the heads up!

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@Judi That was god awful XD

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At my age, I’m happy if they don’t have a comb-over.

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Didn’t matter before, doesn’t matter now. (Though interesting thing is most of my ex’s ended up bleaching their hair, go figure).

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Black hair. No contest. Although some blondes have managed to ‘get to me’, if you catch my drift, but if there are a bunch of equally attractive (a simplification made solely for the sake of this example) women in the room… I mean black hair is just amazing. Never met a red head, who wasn’t already taken and who I’d want to go to the trouble of “liberating” ;-)

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I can’t believe I forgot black hair too! That is truely patheic.

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Female here. After mentally lining up all of the people I have been attracted to, there is no pattern when it comes to hair color or even body shape, skin color, etc.. It’s something that a person says or does that captures my attention.

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Doesn’t matter to me.

Most of my chicks have been brunettes though.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought great, you? What? You a red head?

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Female, and I prefer dark hair (brunette or black). Don’t like red headed men at all, and I am a blonde, so I like my man to have darker feature than me. Don’t know why, just do.

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Female, and I like ‘em all, including bald. As a redhead, I’ve come across quite a few guys who are crazy for redheads. Almost like a fetish.

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I adore red-heads of both genders.

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I am male, and I prefer brunettes or even black hair. The longer the better.

Although this is not the least bit fair to lighter haired women, and I am following a nasty stereotype, blond women more frequently display airhead traits than darker haired women.

(Maybe there is something in their hair pigmentation that is dependent on their IQ level?)

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@elbanditoroso Speaking as an intelligent naturally blonde haired woman, Screw your man! lol

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@Ponderer983 , I admitted from the start that it is a personal view on my part. It may be inaccurate.

On the other hand, one exception does not disprove a general rule.

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I’m female and I tend to prefer darker hair on men and women.

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I’ve always had a thing for guys with dark hair. I’m a blonde female.

My husband had a thing for brunettes until he met me. @elbanditoroso I think the blondes you have met who fit the stereotype were not true blondes. They were airhead brunettes in disguise. ;)

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I guess I prefer both men and women to have dark hair… Had a blonde streak going for a while back, and they all burned me without fail. My first girlfriend was a redhead, though, so redheads always catch my eye now.

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@jonsblond – are you aware of any good way to prove that your suggestion is true? That won’t land me in jail?

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