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Were you getting ready to ask if Fluther is being wonky?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) June 16th, 2012

It seems one of our servers is down. Sorry jellies!

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Yes, so thanks for the heads up. There seems to be an abnormal lag, but otherwise, all is good.

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No, but I like how you’re getting out in front of it. Best community manager – ever.

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Shut those jelly mouths before they flood in screaming about it!!!!!! Thanks.

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I was a ctually getting ready to ask if you were making pancakes for breakfast.

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Well, no. I hadn’t noticed. Everything seems to be responding as normal. I’ll be makng waffles for breakfast.

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About one in four requests fails. No big deal.

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It is kind of slowish.

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It’s wonky, that for sure. Took 75 seconds to go to this page.

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Ah…. that explains the stupid arrow going around and around. Thank you.

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Now I would have asked since it is taking so long to move to the next Q.

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Damn servants. Good help is SO hard to find these days.

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It must be fixed now. No problems noticed here. I got up late. Thanx!

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Weird. I just got a January 2011 question on my New list.

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No… I was getting ready to ask you what you’re wearin’ baby. :D

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BTW, love your new “A”, Auggie.

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Our trusty founders fixed it about three hours ago, while I was sleeping like a baby. Thanks, guys!

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Maybe I’m wonky ‘cause I didn’t notice any wonkiness. Have things been wonky? They haven’t been on my end.

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Sorry about that, guys. Sometimes that happens when I get close to electronics. Things mess up.

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I didn’t notice because I was actually not on fluther for a whole 27 hours! Some kinda record. lol Glad it;s all good again.

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