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Where does curiousity come from and what sparks it?

Asked by toolaura4ya (275points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone


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Are you just curious? :)

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Seriously speaking, it’s an innate part of us, instinctive, even animals are curious. That itch to explore and check things out is part of the biological imperative. Better food, better shelter, better survival—at least of the individuals whose curiosity is tempered with caution.

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the unknown and the desire to know.

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Marina has a good point about the biological underpinnings of curiosity, but i think there’s a strong psychological component too. I see curiosity as a particular manifestation of a more general outlook. It’s a quality I associate with people who are attentive, receptive to new information, willing to let go of old ideas and opinions, engaged with the world. The antithesis of this would be someone (and don’t we all know a few) who’s locked into a particular worldview and clings to it so tightly that new information is neither sought nor accepted.

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that is why I’m completely obsessed with unusual, yet natural things

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thanks guys good answers. Curiousity is such an interesting quality that leads to inventions and discoveries. I don’t know what this world would be without it! I wonder how our genes/DNA play into our specific interests regarding what we are curious about?

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