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Has anyone NEARLY done something terrible, but stopped in time for some reason?

Asked by SomeoneElse (2698points) June 17th, 2012

I bare all here . . I was married to an alcoholic and was sorely tempted to push him down the stairs and end the horribleness of the situation.
Then I realised that he had two blue, bloodshot eyes tattooed on his bum and please imagine the solemnity of my being asked to identify the body, and asking for him to be rolled over to check on the eyes.
My sniggering would be a dead give away and I’d still be in prison.

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I can’t think of any time I nearly did something so extreme. I have wished for a bus to hit a person or two here and there, even thought a voo doo doll might fit a situation, once jokingly asked my friend to call up her Italian aunt to put a curse on someone, but never felt the urge to actually take any action to cause someone great harm or kill them. I never get to the point of violence or physical harm. But, I can understand being extremely frustrated and wanting a situation to just end. That’s when you have to get out, take a break, do something to free yourself, but hopefully have the presence of mind to know doing something extreme will not free you, only make things worse as the OP thankfully realized in her moment.

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@JLeslie Oh come on, you’ve must have wanted to smoke someone on at least one occasion.

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I’ve almost killed myself a few times. All the times, it was music that saved me. And I’m not like that anymore, thank gods.

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@Adirondackwannabe I don’t think so. I just hope the Christians are right and they get punished eventually.

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Recently, I think about killing myself a lot. The best I can currently do to control the urge when it gets really bad is to hit myself hard with something or cut myself. So… I guess easing up on the pressure of the blade when I cut myself is the stopping myself part or grabbing a fork instead of a knife and hitting myself with it and leaving a bruise instead of a large bleeding cut. I hate myself and my situation and weakness, so I compromise. I have to be here, but I don’t have to like it or myself.

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I nearly killed my ex husband once. We were arguing and I walked away because I could feel myself getting more and more angry. He said something smartass as I was walking and it literally pushed me over the edge. I picked up an ashtray made from a chunk of some sort of rock. I turned and threw it at his head as hard as I could. The only reason he didn’t get a dished in skull is because I missed. It took a very large chunk out of the fireplace instead.
I cannot describe the look on his face as he took in the damage and looked at me. In that moment, I meant to hurt him.
I consider myself fortunate that I missed, and have worked assiduously since then to deal with my temper/anger issues.

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I have wished people would just go away, and I’ve been very mad on a few occasions, but not to where I thought seriously about committing a crime.

There have been times while driving where I wished I had a gun! I say that half in jest, because I do get really mad when other drivers are idiots. Sometimes i fantasize about hitting them with my car, but no serious thoughts, thankfully.

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@Trillian: ^^That was really funny.

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I almost grew a semi when grandma’s skirt blew up in the wind, now that was a close shave & i’m not talking about granny’s bush :¬(

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My sister has an ex daughter in law who is pure evil. She uses my sisters grand child to manipulate my sister and her son. She says all sorts of vile things to the grandson and makes him prove his loyalty to her in awful ways.
When my mom was dieing she said, “I’m dieing anyway, I ought to just kill her.” She halfway meant it!

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Not really. I’ve had thoughts and fantasies, but none came to be, and most weren’t realistic anyways. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I’ve never done terrible things.

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No, I usually actually do the terrible thing, it’s just not quite that terrible, thank goodness. I’ve thrown a glass of water (well, just the water… not the glass) at my ex-husband’s face when I was pissed off at him, shoved him in the chest once, and kicked a hole in a wall. I’ve never gotten to the point of wanting to kill anyone. Good thing, I suppose!

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OK @augustlan! I’ve been watching this and I’m almost ready to confess!!

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Almost committed suicide. I thought anyone can take pills or pull a trigger, but I would really have to want it to slit my throat ear to ear. If I couldn’t do that, then I must want to live. So I got a big, sharp knife and got in the tub (no need to leave a mess for others). Broke the skin just under my right ear and stopped.

Wish I could say that I haven’t considered it again.

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I was suicidal for years, and came very close to actually pulling my own plug one night. When I realized I couldn’t go through with it that time, the worst time in my life, I knew I never would. It didn’t make the depression go away or anything, but it was a relief to know that suicide was off the table for me.

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((((( hugs to to Auggie and Gladys. Glad you are here, sharing with us. ))))

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If you include suicidal thoughts, I had those thoughts as a teen, but never as far as planning how I was going to do it or when. And, if you count a shove, I would say I have sort of shoved in anger, but never near a stairway, never a hard enough push to move the person, never thinking I could end the situation here if they were dead or that I thought my action would intimidate them and control them. It was somewhere between a shove and a hit and a holding onto the person out of my own frustration.

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@augustlan , when I was in jr high I threw a glass of ICE water at my little brother and gave him a black eye. I didn’t think about how harmful that ice could be.

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@Judi Don’t you think childhood is different for the very reason you stated, you didn’t realize how harmful the ice could be. When I was very little there were a few times my sister and I fought physcially I think, I have very vague memories of it. When I asked my mom once about us fighting she said to me “no, generally you gave your sister whatever she wanted so she would stop asking for it.” But, I think my mom’s memory might be a little slanted.

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My evil alcoholic ex-father-in-law got a brand new car the other day…and I was sorely tempted to release the parking brake on their blazer and let it roll right on back into the front end of it…

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