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Should we not have a Moderator's Day to celebrate?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) June 17th, 2012

So many days devoted to everyone except those poor folks, should Fluther introduce such a day?

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Lurve the idea!!

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Why not? What day should it be? The anniversary of Fluther’s founding?

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Thanks for the thought! :)

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Here’s What They Do on a Daily Basis

In Addition to This

And Auggie, in particular, often has to deal with This Situation

So Yes, a holiday is in order!

Me, @Symbeline and @Coloma will be wearing our Party Dresses

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Party dresses will be worn, and possibly torn off. Just name the date. I’m all for giving respect to those who protect us from the ghosts of drowned pirates, and some random megalodon.

If this doesn’t become a Fluther official, it sure as hell better become a Fluther inside joke. It’s all in the spirit man, the spirit. :) The spirit is what gives life. Let us have a mod day!

And a user day, so I can have an excuse to wear sexy dresses and flap my lips off. not that I need an excuse for that, but yknow, it’s like a zombie apocalypse, the more the better yea? When should moderator day be?

Thanks mods and all that yadda yadda. Here’s to thee! ’‘goes to bed’’ XD

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I’m all for the idea. I’ll even wear a party dress if that qualifies me to tear one off someone else. :-)

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^^ I didn’t know you liked Mondrian @ETpro? Nice. The more the merrier ; )

Got any terrors ahem, I mean tear-ers in mind?

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@Kardamom Piet me down for a shirtwaist in this print. and I’ll be an equal opportunity tear-er that looks like a terror.

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If there’s going to be a party & the sexy gals are wearing tight arse dresses & an orgy ensues, resulting in this kind of spectacle…..then i’m all for it!! ;¬}

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I dunno, seems kinda sycophantic.

What about the people behind the scenes doing the actual programming? I’d prefer a day for them first to be honest. (of course, I mean no offense to our moderators)

But if this is what mods deal with, than surely this is what the programmers deal with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about holidays. Let’s just do both instead of just mods.

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@digitalimpression There is no man or woman behind the curtain. Since the programming team went, en masse, to Twitter, the founders keep the site going in their leisure time.

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@marinelife Really??! Wow. In that case, by all means, mod day it up.

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So what is the Flutherversary?

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