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When will Fluther have its own currency (a la Paypal) and shouldn't it bear Augustlan's image, alongside Ben, Andrew and Tim's, of course?

Asked by zensky (13372points) June 17th, 2012

Oh yes. Flunny, Fluther money, is inevitable.

Canada and many other countries frequently change their currrency. In Israel, next year the 20, 50 and 100 shekel notes with their images of modern ( and quite dead) statesmen will be replaced; 20th century poets will adorn them instead!

This is tres cool methinks.

Canada has it’s looney coin, and two-ny coin; it’s time for some Fluther cash. With a big A on it.

Then… Gailcalled and maybe Jeruba – but that’s it!

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Canada is doing a huge overhaul on its currency, apparently most bills will be changed. Other than though, the only change in the past fifteen years or so was the twonie, and commemorative quarters. They seem to spew those out by the dozen at least every two days. Pretty soon, we’ll probably have parking theme quarters. Also, fuck the queen.

I’d rather have Queen A’s face on mah Fluther money. But you know it’s never gonna happen, right? We already have Larvae. What else do you want, mad man?!

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Yeah, fuck the queen, eh?!

Nickels and dimes = larvae? LOL – where’s the idiot when you need him?

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Seriously. Well, one thing that’s cool about being invaded by another country centuries ago is that we get a free holiday because of it. Still though, fuck her.

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Fuck her and her diamond jubilee. Who killed Kenny?

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He got killed in the street when people were celebrating the queen’s 378th anniversary, I think.

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Welcome to pandering central.

Absolutely, @zensky. And clearly your face should adorn one of the bills. Your reall face, I mean. Not that actor whose name I can never remember.

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Patrick Stewart, you fool!

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I don’t think I want to be on any money. I’d feel guilty, somehow!

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Ah yes, Patrick Stewart Ufool. I knew it was some kind of Patrick. Stewart-Ufool is a funny name, though. But appropriate, I guess, for a Shakespearean actor.

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j00 f00lz, amirite?

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I dunno, seems kinda sycophantic.

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I prefer a bartering system where livestock, household goods & soft furnishings are eagerly traded in.
Just like when Jesus was a lad, “I bring you a shit load of fish in exchange for that magnificent nintendo machine type thingy.”

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Pancakes for currency – - YES.

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What if sex was the currency?

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Is that an offer, Daloon? Put your money where…

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Not really. But your comment makes me wonder. What if you couldn’t buy or sell anything without having sex with the person you were negotiating with? How would that change people’s views toward sex and love? If you had to become lovers with someone you wanted to exchange with, how would that change who you exchanged with? Think about EBay and trusted sellers. Wouldn’t that change the meaning of that term quite a bit?

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What’s sex again?

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Oh @zensky. I wish I could tell you, but it’s been long enough that I forget, exactly.

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That’s pretty interesting @wundayatta, you should make that into a question on here.

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Can’t help you there, buddy.

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@zensky That reminds me of Stephen King’s IT;

Eddie, upon death, reveals a secret to his good friends;

Guys…that woman I told you I was seeing…well…there’s no woman…in fact, there never has been…I’m…I’m a virgin.

Richie; Well, can’t help you there, buddy.

Beverly; Dude, shut up.

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Naw, @Symbeline. That’s not a fluther question. At least, not one I would ask. People wouldn’t get it. But feel free to ask it and prove me wrong.

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Whether people get it or not, I’m sure it would make for interesting answers. Already I was thinking, if you had to have sex in order to get products and services done…I wonder just how close the relation between making love and loving someone would even be? It’s really tight knit now, because people always connect sex and love together. But that might not be so if sex served to get everyday things, or buy a house or something. You’d also have to consider the hypothetical side of it all; did this just happen, or have people been trading things for sex for centuries? I’m sure the world would be so different. What a crazy ass idea lol, I still say you should ask it.

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@Symbeline I think you should ask it. You seem to have an idea about how to make it work. I just don’t think I could get people to take it seriously, as you have.

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