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What could this dream mean?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) June 17th, 2012

For the past few weeks I keep having this dream. Its not the same dream every time but the same thing happening in it.

Before I tell you, you need to know this tid bit. I have a ring that I wear on my right ring finger 24–7. I never take it off. Its a ring with my birthstone in it that my older sister gave me on my last birthday I spent with her (She lives across the country from me). Every birthday of mine that I get to see her on she gives me a new ring with my birthstone in it.Its kinda her thing.

Ok knowing that here is my dream/s.

I keep dreaming that I am going to lose the ring she gave me. In the dreams I don’t ever lose it, but I almost do. Like I’ll be washing my hands in the sink and the ring will slip off but I catch it right before it goes down the drain. Or another one is I’m fishing and it some how comes off my finger, I don’t notice till I’m packing up to leave and I see the light catch something shining in the crack of the dock and when I look its my ring.

So you see I don’t actually lose the ring but come close to it. These dreams are starting to make me very paranoid about it in real life. The ring means the world to me. Nothing new has happened to me so I don’t understand what the meaning of these dreams could be.

Got any ideas?

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You’re worried about losing the ring, which, as you say, means the world to you.

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@Nullo yes, I got that lol, but I don’t understand why I’m having these dreams, nothing has happened to trigger me to worry about it and I’ve had it for the past 3 years. Since there no reason to worry, like it’s new, I’m thinking that the dream has a different meaning. Alot of dreams could be about something that really don’t have anything thing to do with what you dreamed about. Like a “deeper meaning”. Honestly that is just a thoughtless answer IMO.

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Do you feel disconnected from your sister, since she lives so far away? Maybe you are worried (even if you don’t realize it) about “losing” the relationship with your sister. Time for a visit?

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@augustlan that is a possibility. We do talk a lot, but it has been about a year and a half since I’ve seen her. You might be on to something haha. Now I’m thinking why I would feel like I’m losing our relationship.

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@InkyAnn Give me more details about the dream. WHat time of day was it? What color were you dreaming in? What emotions did you feel at the time before you felt you were going to lose it as opposed to the moment you were about to lose it? Who was in the dream? What events stood out aside from the near-loss moments? What did you say in the dream? Was there music playing in the background? If you were anywhere familiar, did anything stand out or seem misplaced? Have you spoken to your sister about the dream? What happened the day prior to dreaming it? What day did you dream it?

I’m asking all this not to much to interpret your dream for fun, but perhaps there is something that you are telling yourself.

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The sink one was day time and the fishing one was night.
I was dreaming in normal color, just as if I were awake.
I felt normal before, no stress, just doing something I do all the time mindlessly.Then when I realized I almost lost it, it was like my heart stopped for a second, scared.
It was just me in every dream.
Nothing stood out. The dreams are like when you dont know its a dream. Like when everything feels real.
No music.The places where this was happening were exactly how they are in real life.
I havent talked to her yet about it because I dont want her to worry.
My days are the same normally filled with laughter, cooking and cleaning lol.
And the dreams happen on any day. Normally I have them about 2 to 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks.

I hope this helps.

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“I felt normal before, no stress, just doing something I do all the time mindlessly” <—-This might be what is subconsciously bothering you. Nullo answered it quickly to what is perceived based on your initial details, but since you were under the impression there may have been more to it, I interjected. I am one of those who feels dreams are very significant. I refute and contend psychological interpretations, although I find some theories to be interesting. I have to give you a word of advice, your sister loves you so much and she gave you the material (ring) to express this love. If you lost it, you would be more devastated than her because you accept this material as being actual love, but it is merely a representation. It’s a reminder. If you made the promise to never take it off, then this promise is what is looming in your conscious and subconscious. You are always thinking about it even at the times you aren’t, so your mind is going to carry this into your dreams. Do not take my word for it, this is merely an interpretation of the dream and your current situation as described. I hope you relax more about it and know that the ring isn’t going anywhere. If it feels loose, buy an adjuster. =) Sweet dreams!

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The value of the ring is always with the giver and the value of the ring is always with the reciever.

If this is understood by both the giver and reciever, then the fear of losing the ring becomes non existant.

But as it stand, value is misplaced thus your fear and your dreams. Correct this and you would be fine.

Kinda like the decietfulness of cash, who have stolen value from we the people and kept it for itself….so unless we the people reaslise this, we give worth to that which is worthless(paper we call cash) and see that which is full of value (Us) as worthless.

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I think that your worried about growing away from your sister since you live far apart. (auggie, great minds think alike. )

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What is the logic of the emotions of this dream? There is something that is very valuable to you—probably a way of thinking or an activity—that you are in danger of losing. Is there some change in life you are thinking about? Maybe taking a new job, or moving to a new home, or going away to school, or finding a new relationship?

This dream could be about the costs of that change. By making the change, you would lose something else. This dream is reminding you that there are costs to whatever this change may be.

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I think you miss your sister and should try and work something out with her to see each other more often :)

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