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For those of you who like the men-folks, how do you feel about body hair?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) June 18th, 2012

Do you like it all? Does it depend on where? Do you just put up with it? Do you prefer it if a guy shaves everything, or certain places?

The reason I’m not making this question about body hair on people in general is that society generally condones body hair on men/males. And so I’m wondering if people who like men think of it as something they have to put up with, or something that makes men more attractive.

(For the record, I’m a guy, though not very hairy because I’m part Asian, I like everyone, and I find it pretty attractive on guys, although I do prefer some trimming downstairs, haha.)

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Hair should only be on the head, regardless of gender.

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@ragingloli: So do you even shave your forearms and such?

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I let myself go in that matter because I am single and intend to stay single for ever.

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Usually things such as body hair aren’t an issue for me. The guy is who’s important and after that, it doesn’t really matter. That said, body hair can be quite attractive. It’s quite masculine so it gives me that protected feeling.
Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’d like a non-hairy man.
I’m off to find myself a hairy man. Later gaters!

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I don’t mind hair on bodies, but I’m not overly fond of excessive amounts of it. Like, a moderately hairy chest is fine on a guy, but I don’t want it to look like a sweater, you know? I like beards and mustaches, but I don’t think I could deal with a walrus style ‘stache or a ZZ Top beard. My first husband eventually ended up with back hair (seems to have migrated from his head to his back), and I honestly didn’t care. A trim down below is nice, but not mandatory.

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I would have stated my answer pretty much exactly how @augustlan put it. I would also add I’m not a big fan of hairy backs or arms. A little hair, understandable, a lot of hair, gross.

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Body hair is just fine on men in my opinion. If their back is hairy I can see shaving that, but I am not keen on men shaving their chest, and especially not their legs or arms. I have never really thought about their underarms, that I could go either way I guess. Men who shave their chest kind of fit into that group of men who I think work out a little too much and are a little too obsessed with their bodies. Sometimes it really turns me off. Men who simply don’t have chest hair, because it is in their genes are a different story, that’s fine.

If you are also asking about facial hair, I much prefer clean shaven. I wouldn’t want to kiss a very hairy face, but a little but well trimmed, mustache or beard I can deal with, but still much much prefer clean shaven. In fact when I think about it, I don’t think I have ever scoped out a guy in a crowd with facial hair, but when my husband has some I am not disgusted or anything. My point there is for a first attraction facial hair would be a negative.

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I like hairy arms and legs if they are not ape-like and also some chest hair. Curly golden hair on tan, thin arms and legs is a definite turn-on (I would imagine.)

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I just want my guy clean. Soft hair, no hair, corsair!

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I’m straight & therefore can only use my grandad kissing me on the cheek when I was little as a reference point, so I will.
He didn’t have a beard, but often grew stubble & I remember this feeling rough & abrasive on my gentle young face.
I told him once it was not a pleasant experience & felt like I was being molested by a tramp, great offence was taken & he clipped me around the ear-hole for my trouble.
Grandparents can be so fucking stupid….harsh at times :¬(

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No, I don’t like the mammoth look!

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As long as he’s not shedding, I’m cool.

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As an aside, I had a friend once who was so hairy…

how hairy was he?

He was so hairy, that he looked to be wearing a sweater vest at all times.

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I don’t like a lot of body hair on the back. Otherwise, I don’t really care.

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Not into the whole bear thing.

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My ex was quite hirsute, and yes, he shed. I liked him enough (hard time remembering why, but…) to tolerate it at the beginning. It became really nasty.

On the other hand… I can’t be fully comfortable with someone with less body hair than I have. It’s disconcerting.

It comes down to extremes—Too much, ick. Too little, ick. In the middle, just right. Umm… Goldilocks was onto something here…

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For me it is the color of the hair that makes the difference. If your hair is close to the color of your skin, then I can like a good deal of it (As long as it is short! If I feel like brushing your chest hair. . .) Pale guys with a ton of really dark, dense hair tend to be unattractive to me.

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I like it on men in moderation. I do not like back hair.

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My boyfriend has a fair amount of hair on his legs and his arms but his stomach, chest and back are practically hairless. I like the body hair that he has, I don’t find men that are shaved up very attractive at all bt by the same token I am glad that he isn’t really hairy.

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If a guy shaved his legs, that would be a huge turn off. Some guys are more lucky from nature… Some body hair looks better than other body hair. Really hairy is not really my thing, nut neither is all shaved everywhere. I like the natural beauty.

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A little body hair is ok, but wax those wild brows nose and ear hairs!!

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@Judi I think cutting the brows is usually more important than waxing. Waxing can look too neat and cleaned up for a man in my opinion, a few tweezes here and there ok. But, long brows look bad. I have to trim my brows myself every 3–4 weeks, something I got from my dad. I wish he would trim that often.

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What is it that women have about eyebrows? My wife (and now daughter) really don’t like my eyebrows, and make me get them trimmed every time I get a hair cut. I don’t get it. When I was young, my grandfathers eyebrows were huge and bushy and I thought they were the coolest thing.

When my brows started growing out all over the place like that, I was so happy because it reminded me of my grandfather. And then my wife started complaining. So off go the brows. But I don’t get it. What do people have against brows? Why do we make fun of unibrows? Why do women think their brows should be thin and small? I like eyebrows. It seems such a shame to me to cut them.

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@Jleslie, I sent my hubby to a great waxing lady who does just the right amount of waxing, tweeting and trimming to still look masculine but not like an ape. She does a great job on his nose and ears too.

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@wundayatta: They’re just jealous. Wear em proud !

@Judi: I didn’t know you could get “tweeted” at the salon O_o

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Oops. Damned autocorrect!

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I love the fact that my husband shaves everything except his head and face. Very sexy. I would date a man with body hair but I prefer not to. Arm pit hair is easier to overlook than pubic hair (have to shave down there). A very hairy chest or back will gross me out.

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It’s hot.

@wundayatta I love meaty eyebrows on men and women. Personally, and a I say this a woman, I when I’m older would much rather end up with those bushy eyebrows you can groom like topiary animals than have them just fade away.

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@fundevogel: I’m with you there :D

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Overly hairy anywhere is a no no.
Back hair and pubic hair is a no no.
Hair anywhere else is attractive.

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I don’t find a lot of body hair attractive but when it’s been on an SO then all I expected was a trimming back of the nether regions. Monobrow isn’t particularly attractive to me either. The barbers my guys have gone to usually will trim long eyebrow hairs, snip ear hair and nose hair too. Those are fine tuning I have always appreciated as far as physical aesthetics.

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I’m a hairy beast, and as I got older got some back hair. . . alot, but not so much you can’t see my back, LOL

Anyway, I personally don’t like it but my wife loves it and doesn’t want to (or at least states so) be with a smooth man, b/c she just doesn’t relate smooth to manly.

I’ve also had a girl or two who did not prefer the hairyness.

I’d say it really is a mixed bag when it comes to this preference.

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I like big beards and long ass hair on men, as long as they keep it clean. In fact I’m pretty sure I have a wizard fetish. Incidentally, I also like it when men shave their heads completely. It’s all or nothing for me lulz. As far as body hair goes, I’m fine with it as long as it doesn’t end up in my food, or in my eyes. The look or feel doesn’t bother me, nor does it excite me any more than that. However I guess I can’t really say, because I’ve never been with a man who had an overwhelming amount of body hair. But, this answer is based on the guys I have been with, which isn’t a huge amount at all, and that’s what I have to say about that. So no real difference to me, but if I meet a dude who can braid his armpit hairs, that might be a little nasty.

@wundayatta Lolz, I pluck my eyebrows, if I don’t they connect together and I dun like it. But if you like your big bushy eyebrows, you should keep them and stop getting them trimmed whenever someone says they don’t like it, yeah?

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O_o Just don’t morph into a rhino or nuthin’.

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Not sexy? Le sigh.

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@Symbeline if you had a guy that belonged to you—like married and all—would you tell him how to groom himself to make you happy? Now what if you had a daughter and your daughter agreed with you about how your husband should groom himself? What would you think if your husband didn’t do as you suggested?

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Personally, I like a man that has hair on his chest, & a beard, & a mustache. And I like a man who lets his hair (on his head) grow long enough to put in a pony-tail. I do not like the ‘skin – head’ type of hair cuts that are so common now.

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@wundayatta I’d tell him my personal tastes or, chances are, he’d already know. But I wouldn’t force him or try to convince him to alter himself if I saw he was happy with what he’s like, you know? Ultimately, if I fall in love with someone and get together with them, it’s gonna be for something else besides their looks, unless, of course, he mutates into a giant fly and pukes everywhere all night. I just may have to call it quits then.
If I had a daughter that agreed with me about how my husband should groom himself, well alright, we’d have some few laughs behind his back. Nothing mean. But as I say, why should I force him to look how I want him to? I want to be happy in the relationship, but I would want my partner to be happy, too. I’m sure we could work something out without going all surgery style on one another’s ass. I’d tell my daughter to accept how her dad is, but really, I’m not entirely sure how his thick ass beard, or complete lack thereof, would affect the family in any real significant way. People gotta be comfortable with themselves, keep an open mind and accept shit as it is, as long as it hurts no one. I’d try to teach that if I could, and I’d hope my husband would try just as much, too.
I know that’s one huge mouthful to digest for someone who doesn’t have a family, not to mention it sounds incredibly corny, but until reality hits me in the face, and if anyone decides not to murder me on my honeymoon, I’ll stand by that.

@fundevogel actually it is pretty sexy; a symbol of phallic immensity or pride or cuuum on, yeah. Neat. It’s just that I can’t help but to think that this was an actual convo between people back in 2004. Still, wizard robes, fock ya.

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@Symbeline I don’t know how these things happen. I really didn’t sign up for having my eyebrows micro-managed when I got married. Farthest thing from my mind and yet, nowadays, it seems high on my wife’s list of priorities. She’s always mentioning it, anyway.

My old barber used to ask me if I wanted them trimmed, and I was shocked the first few times he asked. I really thought they were a point of pride. I was proud of them, anyway. Big and bushy and not in a combed kind of way. They go all over the place. They look cool, I think. But not my wife. I can’t explain why they are so cool to me. Maybe it’s the wildness. And maybe that’s why people want to trim them—they don’t like wildness.


I like your attitude about managing your husband and daughter, by the way. I know they will be lucky to have you. Super lucky!

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All I plan to do is give a dying cannibal a drink of water, and going on my merry way. I’ll die alone with beer in one hand, sword in another. fuck am I ever drunk lol

So you think your eyebrows look cool when all bushy? You like them? They remind you of your grandfather? Come on man, just keep them that way then. If it’s that great an issue, discuss it with your wife. You know way more about all the weird shit that serious couples prolly have to discuss than I do, so maybe easier said than done. But just try it, cuz it fuckin sucks being pressured into shit, even if those who do don’t mean it in a mean way.

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I find the whole baby-smooth shaved look to be overrated. Not that I would turn someone down if they were, but I don’t require that from someone. I would only dislike body hair if there were an atypically high amount of it. Regular amounts of body hair are fine, though I tend to not prefer facial hair on someone. My boyfriend had no chest hair, very little stomach hair, but his legs were quite hairy; that I liked. :)

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@wundayatta Excuse my indulgence I’d like to take this moment to quote myself. Ahem.

“Let me run my fingers through your eyebrows and kiss the soup from your moustache.” [1]

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@wundayatta I like fairly bushy eyebrows too! My boyfriends can be a bit unruly and I would never ask him to trim, wax or pluck them!

Pubic hair on a bloke is a must for me otherwise they look too much like a pornstar!

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