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Why doesn't Mac peripherals connect to wifi?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) June 18th, 2012

I’ve been having this intermittent issue for over 6 months and it seems that my iPad, Macbook Air, iPod Touch, and Macbook Pro do not connect to a wireless network that only a PC can connect to. I am running windows on my MBP and it connects seamlessly. On the other hand, when the MBP was operating under OS-X 10.6 there were connectivity issues. I have not done extensive troubleshooting because I am not experienced with these matters. I have researched on Apple and other forums to no avail. The connectivity is random and when it does connect, it will be operable for a couple of weeks until the following month. Information about the network: I cannot modify it when I log into it as it is being administrated by third party, and I have no control over the connectivity whatsoever. I use it as-is. What do I do to change the connectivity settings that only a Windows computer can have access to?

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Similar problem with my MBP OS X 10.6.
I have less of a problem now that I moved to OS X 10.7. I think it was “crabby” about the Cisco router we have for my wife, she works from home sometimes and uses a VPN that REQUIRES Cisco ! ).
My older D-link never is a problem.
Don’t know what to say about the other Apple products.

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One of Apple’s greatest strengths is that all Apple products integrate seamlessly with each other. One of their greatest weaknesses is that they don’t always play well with non-Apple things. As @Tropical_Willie points out, there are certain routers that OS X and iOS just won’t cooperate with, and there are no settings that can alter that.

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@jerv I’m just wondering what the exact problem is because if that is the case, then I will have no choice but to use bootcamp and install Windows again.

ps: The internet is now working again.

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