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How can I take advantage of Mars' qualities to make a colony?

Asked by Moldychesee (169points) June 18th, 2012

For my final project in science, we have to make a fake colony on another planet, and I chose Mars. What are some qualities of the red planet that I can take advantage of for this project? I know my best bet would be to just do the research myself, but I’m running out of time and I have been researching like mad.

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High iron content, you could use it for processing and making tools.

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ice caps. melt them to thicken the atmosphere to start global warming.

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If you have been “researching like mad” then then you may have come across this already.

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Mars has less than half the escape velocity of Earth, which means it’s a great place to launch spacecraft. Also because of the reduced gravity on Mars, construction is easier and requires less energy.

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Lack of oxygen could lead to a different form of governmental control… Either free air welfare laws or a cruel dictatorship where the punishment is to be sent outside.

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Put a transparent roof over a canyon so you can raise the air pressure and warm things up, melt some water and create an area where you might be able to live without wearing a suit.

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