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What can I do with all these cucumbers?

Asked by buster (10220points) June 18th, 2012

I have a bumper crop of cucumbers this summer. I have already put up 24 quarts of pickles, have been eating them raw, have given them away to friends and family and I still have a couple buckets left and more on the way. I am overwhelmed with cucumbers and don’t know what to do with all them. I don’t want them to go to waste. I don’t really want to buy more jars, lids, and all the other pickling supplies. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Have you checked if there are food pantries/soup kitchens in your area? I used to bring loads of fruit to a soup kitchen near where I lived. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often much harder to come by at such places than packaged/processed food.

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@bookish1 you have to be careful with the fresh fruits and vegetables. Our homes each used to have a garden and eat the fresh produce, now the FDA will not let us use fresh fruit and vegetables unless they come from an approved source. The gardens were not approved sources.

We are in essence a boarding school.

Maybe you can work a deal with someone at a local farmer’s market to sell or trade your cucumbers for some of their other produce.

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I have an idea of how you can use some wink wink nudge nudge. Ponderer’s dirty mind is at work. Always on the salami- uh – cucumber lol.

I put cucumber in my salad, make a Greek Chicken salad with yogurt sauce, send some to my house, advertise in your local paper that you are selling homegrown cucumbers, Cucumber, red onion, red wine vinegar and mozzarella salad. Try looking up Greek recipes as they use a decent amount of them.

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@WestRiverrat : The possibility of such regulations is worth keeping in mind, but I am willing to bet the FDA gives more of a hoot about creating them for boarding schools than for soup kitchens.

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@bookish1 I think you are giving the regulators too much credit for common sense. Why else would they shut down girl scouts lemonade stands for not having the proper permits?

Be careful in NYC

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My mom always makes vinegar cucumbers in the summer. Its just cucumbers, vinegar, salt, and some chopped up onions and water. You just chop up the cucumbers and let them soak in that for about a day and then they’re delicious little treat. I’m not what the exact recipe is. Its probably on the internet somewhere.

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Juice them! Cucumber juice is delicious, mixes very well with other juices, and adds a bit of a fresh flavor. It also uses up a ton of cucs quickly. Some of my favorite mixes are carrot-beet-cuc, apple-cuc-mint, cucumber and club soda, and cucumber mojitos.

There’s also cold cucumber soup.

Or, if you’re into shotguns, they’re great for a fruit shoot.

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Get some pork, pickled carrots, coriander, daikon and baguettes. That’s a bánh mì right there.

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A simple but yummy salad is where you peel and slice some cukes salting each slice, you want to layer each slice until you have a nice full bowl of cucumber slices, Then take the salted slices of cucumber and put them in the refrig over night. Then take and rice the dump the water out of the bowl and rinse really well to get the salt off. Then take sour cream and mix into the cuke slices until they are nicely covered. Put in the refrig for at least an hour so the cukes can asorb the sour cream then serve.

Another suggestion is set up a table at the end of your driveway and put a can with a sign for either $0.25 or $0.50 per cuke whatever you think you might get for them. I am sure that people will stop and buy some fresh cukes from your garden.

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I love cucumbers but I am not sure how quickly I would get sick of them if I had a bumper crop! I think the suggestions to donate them or swap them are great. For the ones you keep here are some suggestions.
Tzatziki Sauce This will keep for a few days according to the recipe.

Cucumber-Dill Salad

Cucumber has great skin soothing benefits. It is really good at getting rid of under eye puffiness. One of my favorite eye creams (sadly discontinued now) had cucumber and aloe vera. Here are a variety of cucumber mask recipes.

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You could give them to a local food bank.

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Oh you lucky person you! I am a cucumber addict and eat scads of them marinated in red wine vinegarette with grape tomatoes and black olives. My fav. quickie salad. Feel free to ship a crate to California. :-)

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@WestRiverrat I can hardly believe what you are telling us, such regulations really disturb me, honestly, the day one can’t grow and use vegetables is a very worrying day indeed, your FDA sounds like a highly dangerous organisation.

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It is a federal administration, like all government agencies without strict oversight it is extremely dangerous when a zealot gets control of it.

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Nice answers guys! I am going to try some of the recipes first you guys recommended. Probably the cold cucumber soup and tzatziki sauce first. The food bank is a great idea also. I didn’t even know the little town I live in had one until you guys made me think about that too. I checked around this evening and there is actually a local place called God’s Storehouse I didn’t know existed that takes donated food, furniture, clothing and money. They redistribute these things to people that need help.

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My apologies for not reading every answer, sooo, if this is a duplicate, never mind. haha
There is a community garden in my area that operates on the honor system. Could you set out bags of maybe 4–6 each with a price and leave a payment box? Make a little wooden box with a lock and a slot mounted on a little pole…viola…..cucumbers for the masses and a little farmers market income for the grower!

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Cucumber water! Thinly slice cucumbers and put them in a pitcher with cold water. The water will have a slight cucumber taste – very refreshing on a hot day.

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Cucumber can be used as acne pain relief.

This will only lighten your load of cucumbers by one, unless you have a bumper crop of zits.

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send ‘em to me…LOL

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They also can be used for beauty routines, on the eyes and skin generally!

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We do give out fresh donated produce at our food pantry. Most food pantries do not get fresh fruits and vegetables other than by donation from local farmers and gardeners. Please consider asking them today if they would like what you cannot use or give to your friends and neighbors.

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I have a great recipe for cucumbers. Mustard pickles….they are a little spicy and delicious.

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