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Douglas? Perhaps. In any event, he's here to stay - so party away - it's the Buster 10K!

Asked by zensky (13357points) June 18th, 2012

He’s only been here for over four years now….


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Woohoo! Congratulations, Buster.

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Congratulations Buster.

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Congratulations Buster, it is good to have you back! I hope you stick around a while!

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Congrats. Loved your fight with Tyson.

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Congrats, Buster! You’re a great addition to the collective, keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Buster! Congrats to an old hand who has newly made 10k!

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Congratulations, Buster. Did you come back just to finish your 10K? Or did you get evicted and has to find a place like the mansion to live? You’re in luck. You have a choice of 11 rooms. Take the one with the fancy tub.

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I loved how you flew hundred yards when you were catapulted with that slingshot.
And your ‘flight’ to the mansion wasn’t half bad either!

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Congrats on the 10K!!!!

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Congratulations Buster on busting into the 10K Mansion. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

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Ambitious felicitactions…. uh
Congor elevations…. uh
Gritty lactations… uh
Congress ululations…. uh


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F√©licitations! I guess now we know what all those cucumbers are good for—getting you into the mansion!

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Who is this mysterious Buster? lol
Well…bust a gut Buster and cheers to a fluther enigma. :-D

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Hey there busterhymen, it’s been awhile. Glad to see you. Congrats on the 10k thing!

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Bust a Move man!! 10K grats!

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He feels like Bustin loose! Congrats on your big entrance! Good job!

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I don’t know you, but congratulations. lol

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Wow. Really? Talk about a blast from the past.


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Congo Rats! Well done and WTG!

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Bravo old’ chap! Glad to see you finally get your stripes.
We miss you at the watering hole.

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It’s 10K OR BUST!!!! Well done ole Buster!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, it’s about time, wouldn’t you say?

Congrats on 10K

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Wow! Is it just me or does anyone else see 10,000 rats in a conga line?
Felicidades, Buster!

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You are one of those jellies who stood out when I joined this place and got to know everyone. Love your answers here. Congrats!

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Congrats, Buster! You were one of the first jellies I got to know, and I still lurve you.

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Wow I never thought I would make it to 10,000. It has always been a dream of mine. I took a couple breaks along the way. I lurve all you guys!

@wildpotato How did you know my O.G. fluther handle before Andrew shortened it because I refused to change it?

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Congratulations! That impressive score takes a great perseverance!

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Buster—you sly dog! Congrats on the 10K—your slow climb to fame is a real inspiration to me. I want to be just like you when I grow up. Bust out the champagne!

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@buster You mentioned it a few years ago on some thread; I think it was about why our handles are what they are. I thought your answer was pretty funny, so I remembered it. Figured now was a good time to air out your full name :)

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CongraTENulations @buster !!

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10K Congratulations Buster!!!

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@wildpotato: To bust it out, as it were?

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I’m late to the party, but still in time to congratulate Buster for a long and illustrious career here at fluther. Glad you made it to the mansion!

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Okay, everyone’s gone.
Congrats anyway. Nice work.

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Im ready to cash out my lurve now like at Chucky Cheese and get some cheap toys. Where can I do that at?

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Sorry, Buster, this virtual party is all your lurve is worth!

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Congratumalatioisairmyesjsfetion @buster !!!!!!!

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@buster: It’s not worth it, the skateboard was a piece of crap and didn’t even have bearings in the wheels.

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Congratulations! Great work!

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Hey @buster Congrats on the 10k. Long time coming.

So…. I gots to know…. Did you get the semi-automatic or the revolver?

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BTW – this is only the second lurve party I’ve hosted – this and Wundayatta’s.


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@zensky How about rebbel’s?

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Hmmm… did I host it?

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I thinks so, in one of your earlier personas, but that was a while ago.

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@zensky I’m amazed this old brain still works that well.

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@LuckyGuy I got the revolver homie. Revolvers because automatics jam at the wrong time.

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10Kongratulations!! (Four years! you’d have got less for grand larceny.)

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