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Is there any way to obtain case files on a cold homicide investigation?

Asked by iBite (243points) June 18th, 2012

I am specifically seeking the files on an unsolved 1957 homicide in Alhambra, California. Are these files public record? If so how might I be able to get a copy or read them?

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Your best bet is to contact the Alhambra Investigations Division. Cold case files dating back to 1957 are unlikely to be on a computer file, but tucked away in a box. Someone on this team should be able to advise you on how to obtain access to the information.

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Is this about the murder of Evalyn Francis Von Wormer?

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Nope. January 3rd, the victim Susan Mason Miller. I have newspaper articles and re-writes but the case files would be far more accurate.
Now I am going to have to look up the one you mention just out of curiosity.
I came across that story while searching on this one. Disturbing.

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Unsolved as well.

Here is the link to the Mason-Miller case.

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Hmmm. Let’s think through this logically. How can you get your hands on the case file information?

1.) Do you live in the immediate area? Asking for an appointment may net more information than leaving a phone message.
2.) From what you have read, is there any mention of the names of the investigators? If so, you might be able to contact them personally or via an electronic format or phone to inquire.
3.) Is this for a class project? If so, often the professor can get access to the file information in order to provide students with existing evidence to play detective.
4.) What about contacting the reporter(s) of any articles on the case? They may be able to provide a lead or more information.

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1. Yes- I am close enough to make an appointment but will have to find a time I am free.

2. Carl Hoffman and Ed Chappell. Unfortunately the phone numbers to reach them are: Atlantic 2–3141 or Cumberland 3–1231. Not very useful for contacting them now if they are even still alive.

Nope- the victim was a relative.

I was able to discuss the case with reporter Larry Harnisch. It was helpful and he sent me copies of all the articles that ran. The actual police reports he did not have.

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How is the investigation coming along?

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