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What are the risks of getting a big tattoo straight in 2-3 days?

Asked by Nostreet (7points) June 18th, 2012

Instead of the normal rest time (like 2 weeks between a session)?The tattoo would take circa 10 hours and is for the back. No colours just black. Big pro would be the saved waiting time.

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do you really think you could handle the pain for that long, what about the artist, he’ll get tired and might make mistakes. That’s also a lot to do to your body at once, do you even know that you aren’t allergic to the ink?

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If you can find someone that would actually do this for you I would suggest getting it someplace else. Pretty much it will be hard to match the shading and color on scabby puffy skin. It would be like tattooing blind.

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My thigh took 9 hours from start to finish with shading and color. If you think you handle pain well then go for it in one sitting, Trying to do it a day or so after is a big mistake, youll be swollen and start to scab over by then. Your skin will be 100 times more sensitive and the ink prob wont hold well. Dont worry about the artist getting tired, they do this for a living and will let you know how long they can go for. Most artist wont even touch it for at least a week after you get it started anyways. If this is an at home job and he said he’ll do it a few days after I wouldnt go to him. Thats just asking for a shitty tatt.

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^^ They don’t call her InkyAnn because she collects ballpoint pens. Listen to her.

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It sounds like a really bad idea… I don’t know of ANY multiple-big-tattooed-person who has done that.

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Sounds fine to me. Many people do this when they go to 3 day conventions, for example. You can definitely do 5 hours each day if the artist works on a different section each day.

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