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I feel like there's someone in my house?

Asked by minnie19 (435points) June 19th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m in a two floored house with parents and I’m hearing noises even though my door is shut. There’s no way I can open my door and go out since I’m terrified. What do I do?
Noises resemble someone walking, dropping something, opening door, etc.

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Maybe it’s your parents, or is that impossible?

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It’s very late here and they are both asleep.
I can’t breathe, I’m so scared!
Wow I just heard our neighbour’s dog barf crazily maybe there are some strangers around/in my house??

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You are frightening yourself unnecessarily. I know how you feel, Ive been there, but you are letting your imagination scare yourself. Any two story house may make noises at times. I remember lying in bed upstairs alone except for my two little kids in the next two rooms who were asleep. I realized that someone could break a little window down stairs and I wouldn’t be able to hear them. They could walk across the linoleum onto the tile entry without making a sound. The stairs are carpeted. Up those stairs and down the hall to my room, without my hearing them. My heart was beating faster. I was really scared. That was all my imagination. I decided I was being hysterical, stopped imagining, turned over and went to sleep. You can control your imagination. If you think someone is really there; call 911 or whatever your emergency code is.

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If your parents are in the house, it could be one of them.

Edit: If I recall correctly, you also have a younger brother. It might be him.

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Does your dad know his PSA? Has he had his prostate checked recently. I took midnight (and 2AM and 4AM and 6AM) strolls at night before I was fixed.
Is your mom expecting?
I hope those images aren’t worse than the boogieman you fear. ;-)
Good night. Sweet dreams.

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Get something hard and blunt or sharp and pointy or some spray cleaner or all of the abov and get ready to defend yourself. And be ready to feel a little silly.

That is what I always do.

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Text or call your parents. That way you’ll know if it’s them and if it isn’t them, then they’ll probably react. Of course I don’t know your parents.

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Get your gun and blast away at the door. That should keep them away from your room. Relax, old houses make a lot of noise.

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A watch around your fingers clenched in a fist makes for a lovely makeshift (though a wee bit painful) brass knuckle

A tightly rolled up newspaper or magazine makes a sturdy rod capable of shoving a person’s nose up into his brain, this does take some finesse however, so let us skip it.

A broom handle, a bat, some sort of rod made of sturdy material makes for a nice, perhaps one time use bludgeon. A plastic broom handle tends to break but leaves you with a shank of sorts.

Some sort of cord may make a nice garrote, preferably something like piano wire but guitar/cello/violin/etc. will do just fine. Worse comes to worst, something like a mouse cord will suffice in choking the intruder out, if you can hold on long enough. Zip ties work as well, very effectively if I may add, if you can have one long enough to go around the intruder’s throat.

Just about anything and everything in your room can become a weapon. All it takes is a little imagination.

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Set some traps like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

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And you are FLUTHERING? WTF??!! Grab the heaviest, sharpest thing you can find and go check it out!

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A vivid imagination coupled with regular house sounds, that’s all! Go to sleep! If you can’t the WHOLE Fluther team will come from all corners of the world to bust whoever it is that is scaring you!

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Check with a doctor for psychosis.

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@minnie19 can you update on this? What was it?

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@mattbrowne A little rough isn’t that?

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I don’t know what it was, but nothing has changed so I’m guessing it was my mind+sounds of the house. I tend to freak out… I’m guessing I won’t survive on my own in Manhattan!! Imagine me asking this everynight as I sweat :P

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@Adirondackwannabe – Just to rule it out. It’s rare, but not that rare. About 1 percent of people suffer from psychosis during their lives.

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Drunk dad trying to cook?

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