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Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? How bad or funny was it?

Asked by chyna (39850points) June 19th, 2012

If so, at what point did you realize you sent it to the wrong person? When they texted back or the second you sent it? (A similar question was asked in 2010, but I thought 2 years was enough time to ask again).

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Never texted the wrong person, but I have PM’d the wrong person without realizing it.

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I once texted a friend of mine asking about a present we were gonna give another friend of mine. I sent the text to the wrong friend.
I once texted a guy goodnight and sent it to another friend of mine. Awkward.
But nothing big, no.

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Symbeline don’t text.

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I texted a bunch of the wrong people once when drunk. Half of then thought I was sending them a suicide letter. Amusing to say the least.

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I do this a lot. Emails too. Once I spent an afternoon writing an erotic story to a young woman and accidentally sent it to a recruiter.

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She submitted me for it. She was a third party recruiter. We laughed and laughed.

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if I get a text from someone I don’t know, I send a response saying

“OK, I hid the body, now what?”

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I just sent a picture to my nieces old phone number. Someone replied ” very beautiful but I have no idea who this is. ”

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Related, @chyna have you ever been to the website texts from last night?

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I texted someone to call me, meaning to text my mom but sent it to my uncle. I just played it off like he was the one I wanted to talk to (I love talking to him actually, I just needed my mom at the moment).

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I texted myself a reminder of where I put the mother’s day gifts since I bought them several months early and I have a tendency to forget my “safe place hiding spots.”. I wondered why I didnt receive the text and found that I had entered my mom’s cell number under my contact info by mistake. It would have been ok except I said what the gifts were. As in, “birdhouses for mother’s day in hall closet.”

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I also every few months get a call from someone to their sister and the voicemails are so sweet I don’t delete them. Which probably makes me seem like a crazy stalker person.

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I texted the guy I’m dating a message I meant for my best friend (Both of whom were at the party. . .). While drunk. After date three, via speech to text:

“I was just calling to check up on you stay away from the hole call me back I love you that lady is a speaker phone thingy majigger
oh my god knows maigger”

And then I found him and drunkenly explained that it was meant for my friend and he drunkenly didn’t believe me.

The fact that we are still dating is a miracle.

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No…never done that, thank goodness. but a bit ago I sent a LinkedIn request to someone I didn’t intend to (only because I wouldn’t have wanted to be a bother.) I forgot they were in my address book when I sent out the generic invitation, lol!. I did get a pleasant surprise when they added me…

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Yeah I’ve done it. Nothing incriminating though.

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“I’m going to make you cum all night long, you fucking sexy biatch!!”
Granny wasn’t at all amused, although I suspect she secretly got off on it.

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Yes. In our company we are over 80000 people plus numerous external vendors. There are many common first names plus last names. Usually the affected people are used getting the wrong email and sometimes this can be quite delicate when it’s about sensitive information.

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Two times wrong emails!
First, I was exploring SAP and I accidentally sent a report to a superior, and that superior was the president of the company! I was afraid to log into SAP for a month then.
Second, my coworkers emailed me if I can throw a party on my birthday. I forwarded that invitation email to the coworkers and as usual I included my boss and GM in cc! I was a target of birthday party jokes for some days then.

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I sent a question to my boss about my boss once. It was meant to go to a friend who knew some gossip but I sent it to my boss who the gossip was about instead!! Luckily I managed to talk my way out of causing any offence but if ever there was a lesson not to get caught up in gossip, that was it!

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I sent texts to a vendor once that was not meant for him at all. It was something of a mash note. He said that whoever it was meant for was a lucky woman. Sigh. That’s embarrassing. I hope he deleted the text.

Once I sent a text “yes.” To a different friend from the one it was meant for. “Yes to what,” he asked. I don’t remember what I said, but if he only knew!

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No, but I’ve received the wrong text. My girlfriend once meant to send her roommate a message that I was going to come over. She ended up sending it me by mistake. I didn’t even notice till we were already at her place.

My friend always emails the wrong person when she tries to email me. My email address is: She emails That dude has forwarded me a few email. For while, this happened so often I felt like we owed him a pie or a cake or something.

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