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Why doesn't my hair hold a curl?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) June 20th, 2012

Why doesn’t my hair hold a curl? Are there ways for my hair to hold a curl better? If I put something in it first? I curl my hair for 40 seconds and it still won’t hold it. Once I brush it out (after I let it sit for a few minutes) my hair goes back to being straight again. Help!

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Do you have fine hair? I have the same problem due to having fine hair. My best suggestion would be to not brush the curl out at all. I always lose my curls once I take a brush to them.

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Some people just have hair that is naturally straight and does not like to curl. My suggestion to you is to try to curl it when it is wet. If it dries in the curl shape, it may be more likely to stay. I use a hair gel on my damp hair and then curl it around three of my fingers, attaching the individual curls to my head with a bobby pin. Then I either sleep on it or blow dry it. I would suggest blow drying, the heat will make it more likely to stick.

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I have the same problem and, like @jonsblond, I have very fine hair. It’s naturally extremely straight and doesn’t like to hold a curl for very long at all. Not brushing them out is a good idea, because it immediately gets rid of most of the curl. Other than that, I’m not really sure of ways to get it to stay better except for maybe a lot of hair spray. I usually just don’t curl my hair because of this problem.

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I have fine hair that doesn’t hold curls well, too. Even when I tried to perm my hair, parts of it stayed straight. I find that having a styling product in before applying heat really helps; I currently use a ‘messy look’ paste by Axe, but when my hair was longer, I found that Tresemme heat protecting mousse worked really well. Then I finish with a light spray of Tresemme ultra fine mist hair spray, which keeps down flyways and frizz without looking like I have any product in.

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Even after a perm the next day it went flat!!!!!

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For the same reason that my hair won’t stay straight. It’s in the nature of the hair gene and the hair follicle.

As a teen-ager, in my one misbegotten experiment , I paid to have my hair straightened. On the mile-long walk home from the salon, it began to curl and frizz.

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A little difference about my hair. My hair is so thick and so heavy that my hair weighs down the curl and it flattens. However, for the times when I can afford to spend and hour and half on my hair, this is how I get it to curl. I blow dry it thoroughly. I then apply a spray wax all over, making sure to get all layers of my head. I take each section, spray it with hair spray, then roll it in the curling iron. While it is on the curling iron, I spray some more hair spray. When I am done with my whole head, it’s another layer of hairspray to shellac in place. This is why this only happens on special occasions. But the spray wax made all the difference once I found that. Really makes the hair hold its form.

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My hair is also superfine and won’t hold a curl. I went to a hairdresser for a special event and she said she could get the curl to stay. Setting lotion on wet hair, curlers, then under the dryer, after she styled it she sprayed the heck out of it. By the time of the event 2 hours later it was totally straight and stiff from hairspray.

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I still am not sure what type of hair you have? If you have arrow straight, what I call Asian hair, that is very difficult to curl. But, if you have fine hair that goes limp easily you can do things to help it hold a curl. Use hair mousse to make it more sticky, apply when hair is still wet and them blow dry. Next use a curling iron or curlers, curl, and do not brush until hair is completely cooled from having been in the curlers. Don’t overbrush, then spray with hair spray.

If you are trying to get a curl by just blow drying, dry completely and then wrap your hair around the brush and blow with cold air. Some hair dryers have a cold shot button, that is what will work best. But, if your hair is difficult to curl you probably need to use curlers or a curling iron.

If you like more body you can always do a perm with large curlers, and then your hair will hold a curl much better.

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It’s called product. If you are trying to get your hair into a state that it isn’t naturally, you spray lots of product on first. Ask at a hair salon or beauty supply.

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Make a light ponytail with wet, untangled hair and sleep on it. When its dry it will automatically get into waves/curls. Don’t use a brush on it, only your fingers to set it. I have chemically straightened hair and this method works for me.

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