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How important is DHA during a pregnancy?

Asked by silverfly (4040points) June 20th, 2012 from iPhone

I see a lot of DHA advertised on prenatal vitamins and formula milk in the store. How important is DHA? Can it be replaced by simply taking fish oil? I’m always skeptical of pushy health claims and over-advertising. Just curious.

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One can get DHA directly from fish oil or from supplements. DHA has only recently been indicated as helpful for child development in pregnant women.

Because of the incidence of mercury in fish oils, though, fish oil is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. That’s why alternative sources of DHA are suggested.

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Just eat regular food and your regular prenatal vitamins. Don’t get sucked into hype. In terms of formula, breast milk is the best milk for a baby. Don’t let any advertisement tell you otherwise.

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