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Would you like to share your first world problem of the day, or week?

Asked by Aethelwine (41378points) June 20th, 2012

You know, first world problems.

I have a couple family members on Facebook who are bitching about their dishwashers and garbage disposals, among other non-essential items, that have broken down all at once. I want to shake them silly and remind them that they at least have their health! and that they could just grab a washcloth and soap to do the dishes. duh.

So anyway, my FWP is my crappy internet service. We have satellite and it has barely worked all week because it’s been so damn windy. Boohoo!

What’s your first world problem? Have you heard some funny ones lately? I could use a laugh =)

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DPW has still not fixed and repaved this one section of road that I drive everyday to work and it’s going to ruin the shocks on my Lexus!

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I went to a nice dinner tonight, but the portions were so big that I over-ate, and I’m still stuffed.

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I’m having a party on Saturday, and I’m stressed out with shopping, prepping my house in addition to my other obligations (family and a book group that meets tomorrow night). Plus it’s hot all of a sudden here in the Northeast.

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I haven’t been able to use my inground pool all summer because my poolboy can’t seem to get the ph balance right. What am I paying him for?

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@chyna he’s good looking, right? Or is that another first world problem? Your pool boy is ugly? ((hugs))

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I am really sick of the fact that there is no more Haagen Dazs belgian chocolate ice cream being sold in the States.

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Internet keeps cutting out randomly on my computer and MY computer alone; no one else is having the problem. Just me. Every time it cuts out I feel like screaming… >:(

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I don’t have a clue how to use my new cell phone.

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I have to reduce the amount of whipped cream I use in my Freddo coffee and it’s a tough one!

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Pinterest is down, and I’m bored.

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I don’t know what to do.

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I’ve got so much work on over the summer (always a potential dry spot for me as the teaching dries up) that I’m only going to have 4 days off a week, so can’t organise myself a proper holiday :’(

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I have been overwhelmed and over stressed on my students use of cell phones in class and lack of attention.

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I’m in a foreign country for a bit and the only way to get a reasonably priced data plan is to sign up for a one year contract so I don’t have GPS everywhere I go.

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The zero number on the TV remote is acting up and doesn’t transmit to the TV if you don’t push on it firmly. What a pain.

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I’m going to our annual company picnic today (in about an hour, in fact) and I know I’m going to overeat again, and I probably won’t win the big-screen TV in the raffle at the end of the day, either.

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I hate living in my time zone.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Oh yeah? Well we have half-price Ben and Jerry’s in the UK!

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Pulled my back a little bit building a decorative stone wall in my yard on Father’s Day. Still kind of sore, prevented me from playing my usual games of handball and volleyball this week.

It was hot the other day, so I went to Lowe’s to buy some tubing to connect my swamp cooler on the roof to a faucet outside the house. But the guy at Lowe’s accidentally gave me soaker tubing, and I didn’t notice until I already hooked it up.

Wife told me the swamp cooler was making a funny noise yesterday. I climbed up on the roof and determined it wasn’t a big deal.

Been sort of slow at work this week, so I’ve been educating myself about capacitors. Sometimes I find it a bit dull learning about those.

Got my wife some headphones, but they didn’t fit her ears too well. Now I have to return them.

Didn’t like what was in the fridge on Tuesday, so had to drive to get take out. I would have preferred to stay home.

Went to connect my laptop to my TV, but didn’t have the right cable. Now I have to wait a couple days for the one I ordered online to arrive.

Went to a sporting goods store to buy handballs, but they no longer carry them. On top of that, the clerk wasn’t too helpful.

Kept dying in a tough part of a video game the other day, and eventually got frustrated and quit playing.

Argued with my wife about who should order the pizza, since neither of us really like how the guy that answers the phone takes the order. He never seems to hear too well, and we have to repeat ourselves several times. As a result, we put off ordering for an additional hour and I got slightly more hungry than I needed to.

Tried viewing a website on my phone about how to get past the tough part in my video game, but the page I found didn’t display well on my phone. I had to keep moving the window left and right to read each sentence. Eventually I decided to boot up my laptop and just read it on there. Kind of a pain.

My wife’s sister called on Skype the other day, but my wife was out of the room and earshot, and her computer kept making an annoying ringing noise while I was trying to watch a show. Sort of got on my nerves after a while. Then, after they finally spoke to each other and the call ended, my wife left the room and her sister called back. Pretty rough.

It’s a tough life in the suburbs of Denver.

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Was playing Angry Birds on the toilet the other day. Really wanted to get all three stars on a certain level, and it took a lot of tries. As a result, my legs fell asleep and that was a little uncomfortable.

My brother and I saw Prometheus opening weekend in IMAX and 3D…but I wore my glasses instead of my contact lenses and had to wear the 3D glasses over my glasses. It worked fine, but I didn’t entirely like it.

Went out of town for a few days and parked my truck under a tree. When I came home, there was bird poop and other random tree matter stuck to it. I went to an automatic car wash at the gas station (purchasing the second nicest option mind you), but it didn’t get everything off the truck. Now I have to clean the rest of it by hand.

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I have to change flights part way through my journey to America! I want to stay on the same flight all the way!!!

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i’m not getting laid anywhere near enough . . .

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@Blondesjon No lurve for you either. :P

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@jonsblond @Blondesjon Oh god that cracked me up. Maybe you should talk with your partner. Make sure you’re still rockin their boat. :)

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One of the trophies in Lolipop Chainsaw I know is going to piss me off. I’m going to have to work at it. Like when you have to do the dishes by hand. which I’ve always done Really I’m just glad I was able to afford the game.
Also I just about got smoked by a car yesterday, which really sucked.

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My feet keep cramping when I lay on the raft in the pool. I can’t get comfortable.

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To add to my Lollipop Chainsaw complaint…had I pre ordered the game, it would have come with an inflatable chainsaw. But I didn’t get to pre order it, so no air filled chainsaw for me. :(

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i want an inflatable chainsaw damnit

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I went shopping for a party I am having tomorrow and I had to stop shopping because all the stuff didn’t fit into my car.

Someone bought me a microwave and toaster oven for Christmas, and I don’t want either of them, and they’re taking up too much space on my kitchen counter.

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@Symbeline You deserve an inflatable Chainsaw, Dammit!! :)

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