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What would you like to experience on a dream-like Hawai`ian vacation?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) June 21st, 2012

Hawai`i is a paradise for many. There are beautiful beaches with warm water. There are natural wonders to behold like Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world. There is rich local culture with hula and crafts galore.

You can learn to surf off the beaches of Waikiki. Hiking through resplendent rain forests is possible on all the islands. Snorkeling is a favorite activity for locals and tourists alike.

Food is available in all varieties from the exquisitely pricey 4 and 5 star restaurants to the simpler places where we locals eat.

If you had a chance to come to Hawai`i, what would you want to experience?

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Reading a good book, sipping spiked cool fresh coconut juice from a bamboo cup while lying down, swinging ever so gently in a hammock tied in between two coconut trees by the beach, a sexy woman in g-string getting a sun tan while she awaits my cuddle call. Hawaaaiahhh!!

So basically, it’s this.

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I would like to see the active volcanoes and explore the state parks.

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warm secluded sandy beaches, pretty fish and something with a tiny umbrella in it.

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I used to grow them.
Very few people know that the best pineapples taste like coconut.

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Going native in Hana, with a cruiser bike to get me from beach to waterfall to swimming holes. Hang out on the beaches with a nice private retreat to take a nap in after lunch before an afternoon snorkel.

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I would love to have roast kalua pig.

I would love to have an encounter with a sea turtle.

I love to snorkel.

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Everything possible while indulging in the islands famous herb.

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The usual—beach and food, of course, but I’d like to attend a Kamehameha Hula competition, preferably the male competitions. Hiking through the wilderness would also be fun! I’d like to be shown around the islandS by someone who knows his/her way around and avoid the overpriced tourist traps :D

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@linguaphile : Hawai`i Jake’s Tours might be open for business just for you. :)

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I’ve only been there once, to Oahu, and my time was way too short. I love the idea of old-time Hawaii, or maybe I should say kitchshy Hawiiana as presented to the US in the forties thru the sixties.

I would love to go to an old-fashioned Hawaiian restaurant with tikis and grass shack decor with beautiful colored tropical drinks with umbrellas in them and the staff dressed in Hawaiian shirts and mumus and leis. The food should have lots of coconut and pineapple. It looks like La Mariana Tiki Bar and Restaurant fits that bill.

I want to hear nothing but traditional Hawaiian music wherever I go.

I want to go to a luau and a polynesian dance show at night, complete with the flaming baton twirlers.

I’d like to stay at The Royal Hawiian Hotel or the Moana Hotel

I’d like to take a ride on an outrigger canoe.

Take a tour of the pineapple fields and a macadamia nut farm and a sugar cane farm.

I’d like to eat a plate lunch or two.

I’d like to buy some vintage Hawiian shirts and mumus. I love This Shirt and This Mumu

I would love to take some hula lessons.

I’d love to take a ride on a glass bottom boat.

I want to visit Aliʻiōlani Hale the building that is currently used as the home of the Hawaii State Supreme Court. It is the former seat of government of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Republic of Hawaii. I love the statue of King Kamehameha out in front.

I’d like to visit the Hawaii Plantation Village and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

I would like to see a volcano and frolic upon a black sand beach.

I want to drink out of a coconut.

I want to eat my way across the International Market Place in Oahu.

I’d like to see some waterfalls such as Akaka Falls and Waimoku Falls.

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Laying on the beach, surfing, Kava Kava, Hawaiian music.

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I’d definitely love to check out the rainforests. I’d need a guide though…but I’d be all for exploring a lot of the less touristy stuff. Never done snorkeling, but that sounds really sounds cool. And of course, I’d have to taste some of the food, and check out their alcoholic stuff. Seriously though I don’t know what the hell I’d do first…seems like a whole other world to me. Not a fan of heat at all…but I wouldn’t pass up a trip to Hawaii if one was presented to me, no way.

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The sacred lakes on Maui.

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Having a local like you, @Hawaii_Jake, show me all the must-see sights sounds pretty darn cool.

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I love Kauai and would like to be able to have snorkeling there with no fear of being snatched by a Tiger shark.~

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I would like to experience the beaches, but I am also an armchair volcanologist (sp?)...and I would like to broaden my horizons by getting to actually seeing a volcano “in person”. There’s somebody I’d like to come to Hawaii with as well…he would be more than welcome to show me around… : )

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Anything and everything that has the most wildlife/nature, and the fewest humans (especially tourists).

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@tups: KAVA! We should talk :)

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I’ve been to Oahu, which is apparently the tourist Hawai’i, for the most part. If I ever go back, I’d like to go to the Big Island and see Volcanoes National Park. Friends have also talked up Maui and Kauai, so maybe try to go there as well. I’m primarily interested in history and culture (which is part of the reason I did Honolulu/Oahu), but I’d like to see the less developed islands next time.

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