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What were the best and worst examples of customer service you have seen?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20115points) June 21st, 2012

As in the main question….

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Best: This was in a letter to the editor of our local paper. Some tourists were in the area and they had car trouble on a Saturday. They limped their car to a local car dealer and parked it. They left a message on the dealer’s voicemail telling him what happened and asking if it was okay to leave the car there until Monday so they could try to get it fixed somewhere. They were in the car waiting for a taxi and 20 minutes after they left the message the owner of the dealership pulls into the dealership with a loaner car behind him and he hands them the keys and said he’d fix the car for them Monday. They were amazed. Their vacation continued on with no interuption, and the car was fixed for them on Monday.

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Best. I had some questions about a chainsaw blade and called Oregon, Blount Inc asking where I could purchase a high end chain. I did not want the cheap disposable ones sold in the big box stores. I wanted a good, expensive one I could resharpen many times. They sent me one of the “good ones” to try at no charge.
I have been buying Oregon, Blount products exclusively since then. They do it right.

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The best customer service was our recent trip to Disneyland, we used points to stay free at the hotels, and the managers upgraded us to a bigger room every night, but we still got all the free amenities such as free wi-fi and free breakfast.

The worst happens every once in awhile at family restaurants where there is really slow service and not very clean tables/chairs/floors.

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Worst: Waitress finally comes to the table (holding the pints of beer with the tips of her index fingers hooked over the rim of the glass) with lukewarm food. We were really hungry and tired and it was too late to go elsewhere, so we stayed.
The the deal breaker came when I went to the ladies’ room and there was an ‘out of order’ sign. Same with the men’s room. I asked where there was another restroom and she said “out back”
So I walked out and around the building. There was no bathroom. She had meant go pee out back!!

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@Hain_roo Damn dude…remind not to go there.

Worst, goddamn GameStop, I hate those stores. Last year I was gunning for this game, Tactics Ogre. A bit after its release, I went out to get it. The GameStop didn’t seem to have any copies on the shelves. But oftentimes, when it’s new games, they have stacks behind the counter or in storage. Just today I went out to get a new game, and it wasn’t on the shelves…but the clerk produced a copy from under the counter. No big deal, right? Game stores do that.

So, with my Tactics Ogre game, when I didn’t spot it, I asked the clerk if they had copies of it. So the guy goes, well, did you see any copies over on those shelves there? I was like, no. (otherwise I wouldn’t be asking, amirite) So then he goes, well, there’s your answer.
I’m like, what the fuck?? Seriously? Either you got one or you don’t, but you don’t have to be a prick about it. Many times when this happens and they don’t have the game, they remain polite, and suggest ordering it for me and stuff. This guy was a real douche.

And also at GameStop; I purchased Alice the Madness Returns. I asked for the PlayStation 3 version, and a PSN card for 20 bucks. So the lady puts all the stuff in the bag and I pay for it, and then I leave. Outside the store I check the bag, open the case and…she gave me an XBox 360 version, and the damn PSN card wasn’t even there. I had to go back and get stuff sorted out. Okay, maybe she was having a rough day, maybe the Tactics Ogre guy was, too…but goddamn, this shit only happens to me at AssStop.

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I’m a fan of the politeness and consistency of Chik Fil A and In & Out Burger employees. As for the worst service, hands down it’s been in a number of California DMV offices.

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One of the more obnoxious scenes I ever encountered was on an Amtrak train to Syracuse from NYC. I desperately wanted a coffee, and went to the cafe car. The attendant, however, didn’t feel like doing his job. He wanted to play railroad concierge or something, so he went back to the first class area and babbled on and on about all the wonderful specials they had. Meanwhile, us poor plebes in coach were lining up through a car to wait for service – while clearly he was only annoying the people in first class. He wasn’t especially good at clearing the line that queued up when he finally did decide to do his job – he’d do his best to fiddle with the cash register or do whatever other things he needed to do that I guess he figured made him look important.

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