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If I were to say childhood holidays/vacation, what location would you type here, almost without hesitation?

Asked by ucme (45420points) June 21st, 2012

Destinations of memorable family holidays/vacations when you were little.

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Sleep-away camp in the mts. in Maine.

Our family didn’t do family vacations. It was probably a good thing, given my parents’ needs and desires.

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Jones Beach. I can still feel the motion of the waves.

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Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach. We haven’t been to either in years, but those are the earliest family vacations that I can really remember, and we went to each place multiple times.

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Family cabin in Kyburz Ca. in the Sierra Nevada mountains at Silver Fork on the South Fork of the American River.
Great times!

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Cape May, New Jersey

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Disneyland or camping.

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@gailcalled Do tell us more about your parents needs and desires.

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San Diego. I spent most of my Christmas vacations there with my parents. My grandparents lived in Illinois in the summer and Pacific Beach in the winter, just a block from the ocean. We lived in Las Vegas, so it was a nice little road trip for us during the holidays. I have fond memories of walking along the beach with my grandfather and his metal detector, then back to their place for a game of Yahtzee. We always included a trip to the zoo, Sea World and sometimes a side trip to Tijuana.

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My brother, sister, and I had some of the most splendid adventures.

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@Kardamom Shhhh..parents in the 40’s & 50’s didn’t HAVE “needs & desires.”
Well..of course their children were proof that they did, but, well…the obvious just wasn’t talked about. You know, the stork brought the babies. lolol

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I was extremely traumatized at Disneyland when I was 8.
The flying Dumbo the Elephant ride malfunctioned and left me stranded about 30 feet in the air, which seemed like 300, for about 30 minutes while they fixed things. I do not like Disneyland, no, I do not, and the Materhorn roller coaster was terrifying. Evil place it is. lol

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Myrtle Beach

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Disneyland. The year we went there included a marathon trip from Denver to Mount Rushmore to relatives in Iowa to the Grand Canyon to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest to Las Vegas – where our car broke down and we were stranded in a park at 100 degrees at midnight until Circus Circus took pity on us and gave us a free room – to the ocean, to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm Believe it or not, this was a two week trip.

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A CCC cabin in Stokes State Forest.

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Every last one ruined by my male biological parent.

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At a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin. Woods to explore. Swimming any time you wish (except for an hour after a meal). No indoor plumbing so you had a pot under the bed for night time needs.The Beer Barrel Polka playing somewhere we went. It was a while ago.

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The picnic bridge/dam on our way home from cherry picking.

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The park up the street from my house. We never took a family vacation.

Actually, one time, we stayed at a ratty motel in Yarmouth on Cape Cod. I remember swimming in the motel pool and playing miniature golf.

That was the only time.

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Camping in the Alexander City/Lake Martin area of Alabama, visiting Grandpa in Arkansaw, and basically, living in Florida made vacations easy—Disney was boring. I liked Weeki Wachee, Silver Springs, and Busch Gardens better!

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Camping almost every year. Mostly Yosemite, but later when Yosemite got too crowded we went to Big Sur or other beach campgrounds.

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Goviota state park camping. Also other California State Parks. Maybe Mineral King or Yosemite.

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Either Lundar or Gimli, both in Manitoba. My mom and her boyfriend took me camping to these places on Summer weekends, sometimes a whole week. Those places are epic, especially Lundar, since it’s all rustic and stuff. Always had a blast there. My mother and I were never the best of friends at all, but she seemed happier in places like that, so it does make for fun memories. Gimli also has a drakkar on display, I climbed in and got in trouble lol.

My dad took me to Grand Beach, in Manitoba as well, but being a rebel teen that wasn’t interested in anything back then, I just had to spend most of the vacations in the arcade place, or smoking cigarettes in the woods. But nah, that place was cool too. I went on the beach at night, and I almost died of fright…I saw what looked to be a tall, skinny naked man slowly walking towards me…he was coming from the lake…then I realized it was some big aquatic bird. Lol.

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Grandmothers house. I’m sure it was haunted.

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@majorrich Really? How come?

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Our bed time usually ended up with us upstairs with all the adults downstairs yucking it up and such. Meanwhile, the closet doors would open and close on their own, and creaky sounds sounding like someone walking up the stairs would scare the bejeebers out of us. Of course if we called for help, after a while Dad would get impatient and come up and ‘tune us up’ we usually ended up all on one bed.

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The grandparent’s house in Pennsylvania, USA. It was a huge stone house designed and built by our grandfather who owned a construction business. There were nine grandchildren, and despite the 14 year age gap, we got along well for the most part. We would sleep on the 3rd floor that used to be an apartment for the servants, with the boys in one bed and the girls in another. Poppy would take us out to the farm where he kept his horses, and Grammy hid two treasure boxes that we would hunt for. When I would wake up, I would go down to their room and crawl into bed with Grammy. She would tell me fairy tales made up on the spot. These were magical vacations thanks to our grandparents.

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Sack’s Lodge in the Catskills. And, Cape Cod too.

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Lake Tahoe, even though we only went there a couple of times. We’d go to the Russian River more frequently, but since that lacked the picturesque landscapes and soft sand (the beach was gravel), it doesn’t sit as well.
Really though, we went to several different places.

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Driving somewhere with our family Winnebago, or camper top to somewhere around Wisconsin or the U.P. of Michigan for a few days of camping and fishing and ending up at the Chain-o-Lakes at my Aunt and Uncle’s Cabin near Waupaca, Wisconsin. Swimming in those lakes was such an amazing joy for me as a kid.

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Not looking at previous answers so I can do this with as little hesitation as possible: driving across the country, weeks traveling with my grandparents to Pigeon Forge or the beach in Florida (we lived in Indiana), camping.

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@cazzie Chain-o-Lakes is where my husband and I took our sons every summer when they were younger. Those are some of my best memories as a family. So much better than a stay at Disney imo. =)

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Good stuff, cheers folks.

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Mostly trips to relatives, in Southern California or the Bay Area. Occasional trips to my grandparents’ cabin up in the Sierras, or to places like Monterey.

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