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What is the cheapest available MacBook Pro I "need" to record acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals with minimal effects?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) June 21st, 2012

I’ve decided to invest in a MacBook Pro for music recording – it is a very simple set-up, with a dual-input interface for my guitar, piano, and microphone. I am willing to spend whatever is necessary for the best possible recording quality (as I intend to record my demo using the MBP) but I don’t want to buy more than I need. I am trying to figure out what size, and how much RAM, processor speed, memory, etc. I will not be needing drum loops or anything like that – just laying down organically-recorded tracks and then mixing everything together. Thanks in advance.

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Get an audio interface for the input of mikes and instruments to process into MBP. Extra RAM is for video and graphics.

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Processing audio is easy compared to video, so pretty much any MB Pro from the last couple of years has more than enough juice to get the job done.

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Yep, any sort of Macbook Pro should be powerful enough.

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