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How can I transfer my old cassettes to my laptop?

Asked by Judy (2points) May 30th, 2008

I have an old panasonic tapeplayer. On the back is a small box containing the letters CD. Below the box are two outlets – one red and one white. I’ve tried plugging in the y cable to these and the other end into my laptop’s “line in” outlet. But I don’t get any sound. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

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Did you make sure to change your sound settings on the laptop to be ‘line-in’ instead of built-in microphone? That could be it.
(If it’s a mac, you can fix this in System Preferences -> Sound)

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You may also need to run the cassette through a pre-amp to boost the signal. From there, you can record using Garage Band and mess with the EQ settings to try & reduce tape hiss.

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