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What are your luxuries?

Asked by flutherother (27319points) June 23rd, 2012

What are the things you enjoy in life that you look forward to and that make everything worthwhile? They don’t have to be expensive they may not cost anything at all.

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Coffee, ice cream, cosmetics, perfume, just some of the few!

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Good coffee and good tea. Aged two-year Canadian sharp cheddar. When I’m really feeling luxe a slice of Smith Island coconut cake. Sometimes, I occasionally buy a hardcover book rather than waiting for it at the library..

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I like games, usually free ones. I just scored the entire Deus Ex series for 75% off, which will hold me over for the time between getting bored with World of Tanks and the release of Mechwarrior Online. I also like sitting back with a Belgian, a pile of hand-rolled cigs, and a good book, and just chill. I rarely have the time for that, so I consider it a luxury.

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Good quality food. We’re lucky to have a high-end butcher, fish market, farm stand, and cheese shop within driving distance. So when we wanna splurge (and take a break from Market Basket and the Dollar Tree), we’ll get some steak tips, a nice piece of salmon, just-picked veggies, or a wedge of cheese.

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Watching certain tv shows in bed , with a snack, on a 42” flatscreen is one. No; it’s bigger than that; 52” maybe. The 42 is in the guest room. Under a vintage satin goose down comforter. In fact, four of those are luxuries!
Sitting in the hot tub on the enclosed back porch or even just in a chair and watching the birds, squirrels and roses.
Fishing on our barge with no one around at the lake lot. In perfect weather.

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Spending time with my kids.

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Good food, good drink, regular nights out with friends.

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Doing different projects and things with my daughters… They always make me smile at their new discoveries and it gives me a chance to see things through their eyes and point of view.

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I have nearly a dozen pairs of reading glasses from the Dollar Tree. I can choose the pair that will look best with what I’m wearing on any given day. Silly, I know, but inexpensive, and I get a kick out of it

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Having a chance to be completely alone with nature, whether it be my back yard or one of the winding walkways in the park.

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Midget gems & a can of lilt.

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Chocolate, coffee, music, watching something good while eating chocolate, mmh! Dreaming is a great luxury too!

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A/C, once a month massage, two days in a row off work, being able to eat favorite foods at least a few times a month, using a dry cleaner rather than washing and ironing by hand. These are luxuries I really enjoy but they don’t make my life my life “worthwhile”.

The luxuries that makes my life worthwhile would be my friends and some family members. I do think of them as luxuries because I treasure them and so many people don’t have what I do in human connections.

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Kayaking & disc golfing, mostly.

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@wundayatta: I just bookedmarked the page! Ooh cheese, glorious cheese. Nom nom nom.

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Where we live in the Northwestern corner of California.
Coming home from work, I look forward to sitting out back amongst the Redwoods.
Two or three fingers of my favorite Scotch doesn’t hurt.
Life’s good.
Nature makes it better!

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“Breathing is a luxury that I just shouldn’t have,
My heart keeps on beating but it’s more than I can stand…”

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One luxury is spending money on my garden I try to buy perennials so they come back again. But there’s nothing like annuals for lots of blooms and instant gratification. I just planted a bunch of daylilies and they are growing so fast. I can’t wait until they bloom. I got some varieties that are unusual.

Another luxury is concert tickets. If I love a band/singer I will spend without a second thought to see them live. I especially love it if it’s a small intimate venue where I can see them up close.

I have lots of little beauty and nutritional preferences. I spend $18 a tube for my Matrix hairgel but my hair is temperamental so I have to use what I have found works for me.

One thing I discovered that is really good is a powder sunscreen that you brush on. It’s great when you aren’t at the beach or pool because it’s totally nongreasy and easy to apply. It’s 45 SPF and it really works! Here is the type I use called Colorescience but apparently there are others.

I consider my emusic subscription a sort of luxury too because it means that I pay out every month for new music. If you don’t use the credits they carry over and sometimes you get bonuses too.

But the best luxury of all is a nice warm shower every morning and having the weekend off. Those two things are absolute essentials!.

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Not spending time with my kids.

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Chocolate, coffee, new panties, favorite movies, purses.

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Oh, I have a thing about socks too.

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i like stones and crystals, flowers and musical keyboards, world drums

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Decompressing after work is my big luxury. I stand up all day and sometimes there are so many people that I feel like the guy in the martial arts movie who’s fighting a million bad guys all at once. It just feels reeeeally nice to finally sit down and relax after a long stressful day.

Then wine, books, and beach time. My favorite is all three together.

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The two small luxuries I have…

Fountain Pens…Maybe for the last 20 years I’ve been in love with fountain pens. I started out “collecting”, then accumulating (there is a difference) and now, with about 450 in the corral, I can sorta pick and chose…except for the ONE limited edition I buy every year from one American Pen Manufacture from Ohio. And I got probably gallons of ink.

Pipes…after some 40 years, I’ve started smoking pipes again and, more to the fun, blending my own tobacco. Got a bunch of pipes and a couple of pounds of really comfortable tobacco.

That really is it. Not a watch or wine or knife or clothes kinda guy…

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