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Which job/profession(s) do you consider sexy?

Asked by tups (6719points) June 23rd, 2012

As asked. Are there any specific occupation that you think is a little more sexy than other occupations? If yes, why?
Are there any occupations that is not sexy at all?
How big a role does a person’s job play to you, if you were to woo them?

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Some of my daughter’s teachers are very fuckable, I call them TILF.
Not so keen on lady bodybuilders though, not nice.

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record store clerk. Tell me where I can stick my vinyls in your player

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Are you separating the job from the work? As in, a porn actress needs to be sexy, but some people might consider the job to be sexy and others might just think it is work?

I’m not sure how much it matters what the job is, as it is how well you do it. I think a sexy job would be one where people are always wanting to be around me. Like if I were a good writer. Or a great writer. It’s kind of sexy to be able to get people to fall in love with you before they ever meet you in person. But that really depends on your ability to do it.

I’m not sure it matters whether you get paid for the job. Having women fall in love with your words is the most amazing kind of pay ever, even if you don’t get paid in money. For a guy like me, though, being paid in love—well, it’s the only thing I ever wanted in life. Being able to put my words out there and have people—women—think I’m a wonderful, lovable person because of what I write—and then to have them announce themselves to me: here I am! I’m yours if you want me.

I guess to me, that’s about as sexy a job as you could have. Except it’s not really a job, if you don’t get paid. Unless you count love as a form of appreciation.

Along those lines, being a musician is sexy and I think being a performer also is. They all give you a chance to kind of display yourself in an acceptable way, and invite people, if they want to, to approach you. Approach you for you, not for your job. These jobs are about as close as you can get to marrying a job and a self.

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Airline stewardess’ back in the day seemed really sexy to me.

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Sexy- Any profession where you work for the travel channel as a critic of exotic get-a-way places.
Not sexy- Any profession dealing with poo or dead things.

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@chyna: So did you watch Pan Am last season?

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@cprevite I did. I loved that time period.

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@chyna: Me too, on both counts.

Oh, to answer the question:
Tall, slender businessmen in a nice suit. Ad men, lawyers, managers. Love a guy who can really wear a suit.

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I think smart is sexy. A female scientist, professor, doctor, lawyer, engineer, programmer etc. are the professions I find sexy.

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@cprevite Don Draper (Mad Men) wears it well.

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Being the lead actor in any Johnny Depp movie is pretty sexy. ; P

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@chyna: Exactly. I wish I could look half as good in a suit.

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Fighter Pilot. I know the life expectancy isn’t good, but to be in some thing moving like that? Wow.

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I think being a prince/lord is very sexy.

Here in America we have a distinct lack of both. . .

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Police officer. Mmmm I love shiny shoes. And the little starched pleats on the shirts. OMG That worn leather holster gets me going every time. I love, love, love me some state troopers.

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Darn! No one mentioned Engineer.

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Cinematographer. It’s a very sexy occupation. A cinematographer’s job, in great part, is to focus on you, on making you look good. Though I find anyone, in any occupation, who has talent, focus and drive to be sexy.

And, @LuckyGuy:

An engineer would be sexy to me, if he was focused, talented, exited about and intently focused on his goals. There is something about that kind of thing, that intensity, that is just sexy to me.

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Anything where they spend lots of time with words. Author, librarian, critic, linguist, poet, etc, because I would love to geek out over things together. Like, every single guy I’ve ever dated has been as invested in sports as I am in books. I just want to find someone who is as interested in reading as I am.

Oh, and people in the wine industry, because they’re all hedonists.

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@LuckyGuy A sexy engineer who likes to please women is sexy.

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@janbb: Well, he could certainly engineer the right solution to satisfy a given penguin — er, woman.

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@cprevite Shaking tailfeathers.

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Life guard at a spa pool. All those bodies to worry about. Having to know and possibly use life saving techniques. And if you’re attractive, having fend off romantic overtures. My imagination is having a good time.

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Profession is hardly a criteria for me, but I’ve always found that women who work in professions where they physically have to work, work in professions where there are risks associated with their job or jobs where they get dirty to be the most attractive. I have a preference for skilled blue collar women such as machine operators, warehouse workers, mechanics, equipment operators, etc. Personality, compatability and chemistry are still the most important characteristics to me, more so than profession.

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