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What's up with glass beverage dispensers leaking? Do they all leak or is there something I needed to do to prevent it?

Asked by jca (36054points) June 24th, 2012

I bought a glass beverage dispenser for a party I had yesterday. I never owned one before, but needed something to serve Sangria out of. It didn’t have lots of instructions, just said don’t carry it while it’s full, and to turn the spigot by hand.

I put Sangria in it, with lots of fruit. It was pouring very slowly, which one person said might have been due to the fruit. It was also leaking, which was very annoying. I tried rotating the spigot right and left, as per the directions (on the directions, it was not clear if it was supposed to be right or left) and the thing just leaked worse, from where the spigot connects to the glass. There’s a rubber gasket in there, and the spigot could be pushed into the glass, but the whole thing was not usable in the way it’s supposed to be used, and we had to scoop the Sangria out and the thing just continued to leak onto the table.

Is there something I need to know about glass beverage dispensers? I am going to return it unless there’s something that I did wrong. There’s still Sangria in it, so I am totally willing to experiment with your answers, a cup and the Sangria!

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I would return it. To me it sounds faulty. Maybe that one is just not functioning correctly? I serve sangria in a pitcher.

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They don’t all leak.

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I’ve always just had Sangria out of a massive punch bowl but there is no way this type of dispenser was intentionally designed to work in such a horrible fashion. I would return it and serve the Sangria via a more traditional means.

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That’s ridiculous that it would leak where the spigot connects to the glass. I agree that sounds faulty, return it if at all possible.

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I have had a similar experience with pitchers that have plastic spouts. I went to great trouble to find a dispenser with a metal spout, and have never had ANY problems.

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I washed it out today (after, of course, taking out the last of the precious Sangria) and I saw that the problem was that there was a piece of fruit stuck in the hole. Also, the spigot had to be turned in to the rubber gasket, and I didn’t do that prior to filling. I tested it with regular water in the sink and seems to work fine. I did notice, @snowberry, that it does have a plstic handle on the spigot, which doesn’t thrill me. I may return it anyway and see if Costco has one next spring (they have stuff like that only seasonally) and if theirs has a metal spout, and I may buy that one. I seem to remember theirs costing around $30. The Walmart one was $20.

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Do an images search on Google for “glass beverage dispenser with stainless steel spigot”. Some are quite spendy, while others are more affordable. I think I got mine at Pottery Barn. Be sure to do your homework, and read the reviews.

Here’s a tip: Regardless of whether your spigot is made of metal or plastic, never put it in the dishwasher!

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@jca I have never had good results with a plastic spigot or handle. I made a point to buy that part in stainless steel.

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