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What specific exercises do you recommend for slimming down your thighs?

Asked by remambermee (442points) June 24th, 2012

I’m more focused on working the inner and front thigh. Would jogging/running help at all, or would that bulk up my legs? And I’d appreciate it if anyone could recommend exercises I can do at home, because I don’t own a bike or have access to a gym. Thanks in advance!

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Slim down? Meaning they are fat? You can’t get rid of fat in a spot, you have to burn calories and wait for the fat to go away, and your body will hang on to fat in certain paces depending on your genes. Working the muscle has nothing to do with the fat in that spot, except that building muscle helps you burn calories more efficiently. It also can make your legs more shapely, but even if you have strong, shapely, muscles, if the fat is on top of it, your still fat in those spots. Bulking up a muscle will make your thighs bigger, but if you are a girl it takes a lot of work to bulk up, so I would not be too concerned.

So, do aerobic exercise and eat well, lots of veggies and enough protein, count calories, and your thighs should look better. You can walk or job in your neighborhood. Or dance at your house or go out dancing to burn calories and your legs will tone up.

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Stationary bike. Don’t make it difficult, just go for mileage and time. Its low impact but you still get an aerobic workout with mostly engaging your thigh muscles. If you make it too intense than you will build bulky muscles. Be sure to stretch before and after. So you know, I am speaking from personal experience. My thighs have gotten noticably thinner after just one month. Always a trouble spot with me as well.

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“If it was that easy [to get big, manly muscles], I would have them.” – Mark Rippetoe, weight lifting trainer

I agree with the others. Be it your thighs or something else, if you want to slim something down, cardio exercise seems best. Jogging would be splendid, or dancing, or climbing stairs a lot, or burpees, if you want to stay indoors.

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First, are your legs naturally muscular or stocky or overweight/fat? Fat can be burned away but legs naturally stocky need cardio and exercises that are more for lengthening and flexibility like Pilates, yoga and ballet.

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These are the sort of exercises that have worked for me. While it is not possible to selectively lose weight in one targeted part of your body, it certainly is possible to tone in a specific spot. I find that these stretching exercises which I learned in dance class really tone up the inner thigh without making it too muscular and overdeveloped as weights might do.

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Jogging and running is best.. for anything. Just note that if you push yourself with jogging because you want effects, you may get a little swollen for a few days. The swelling goes down.

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