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If I load a video from the internet, will I still be able to watch it if I no longer have internet access?

Asked by Fly (8697points) June 24th, 2012

This is probably a stupid question, but I’m writing a report on this hearing for work, and I was hoping to watch the video on the train before work tomorrow morning. If I load the video up in the morning prior to leaving for work, will I be able to watch it on the train (where I have no wifi access)? Thanks for any help!

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No. But if you download youtubedownloader you can download it for later.

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Yes, as long as you don’t shut down the computer or reload the page it will stay loaded.

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@Rarebear Thanks for the tip, it sounds like a great concept. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the site that I needed to download from.

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If you need to download just torrent replay media catcher.

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Try savetube or keepvid.

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Applian Replay Media Catcher will grab videos and MP3s from the web for you to store and replay on other devices later.

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@Rarebear Not only did that program not work, but it also changed all of my search settings to Yahoo without my permission and I now can’t delete the toolbar that it installed or change my address bar search settings back to Google. Any idea how to change these back? I wouldn’t recommend that program to people in the future.

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It also keeps reverting my toolbar search back to Yahoo even after I delete Yahoo and make Google my default. (I’m using Firefox)

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@Fly Oy. Sorry about that. It didn’t do that to me, or at least on the install I didn’t click it. Try deleting the Yahoo tool bar in your control panel install/uninstall programs.

I download youtube videos all the time and convert them to .mp4 files with this program for teaching purposes. It works with Firefox and Chrome.

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@Rarebear I finally got it taken care of, but it was unfortunately (and probably intentionally) not as simple as just uninstalling the toolbar. I’m sure it’s a good program for most video sites like Youtube but it’s from a government website and the government uses a completely different program for videos that was incompatible. Thanks for the help, though!

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@Fly By videos I had assumed you were using Youtube. Again, I’m sorry about that.

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