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What are you paranoid about?

Asked by Blackberry (32554points) June 25th, 2012

This question was last asked in 2008. What are you paranoid about?

I only want flutherers to answer.

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Oh, so I can’t answer this question?!
Stop oppressing me!

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A lot of things. An example is that I have some major trust issues as I am under the impression that people are likely to use what they know about me against me.

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Being strung along/taken advantage of…I’m not naive, but I’m too forgiving (if there is such a thing). I have major trust issues as well, which makes it hard for me to get a good handle on my paranoia.

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Sometimes I think my dog might be psychic. Then he does that thing where he scoots around with his butt on the floor, and I’m like, nah.

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How does one qualify to be a flutherer? But, what the heck…
1. Natural disasters.
2 Global warming.
3. Water scarcity.
4. Getting Alzheimer’s.

I could go on and on….

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Well, I’m not really a Flutherer, but may I?


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US going to war with China.

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Fire. I rarely use candles, and only like the type that sit down in a jar if I do use them. For chanukah I put aluminum foil under the manorah and I don’t leave the room while it is burning. I tend to double check the stove is off and the curling iron is unplugged.

I am kind of paranoid about getting raped also. I know every woman probably is, but I have had a lot of GYN trouble, including pain, and sometimes even when I want to have sex I can’t because of the pain I am in.

I’m phobic to some extent of throwing up, and it causes me to be paranoid about food contamination.

Being unable to commnicate when I am in pain, or even being able to communicate it but unable to help myself out of pain.

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I’m a wimp, but that doesn’t mean I’m scared or paranoid about things. Let them come. I fear no one, and I fear nothing. I may lose, but I’ll take a piece of whatever breaches my sanctuary to hell with me. Whether that be mutant worms, going blind, the sky fallin’ pon’ me noggin’ or whatever you think of me, good or bad.

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@JLeslie reminded me, I’m paranoid about fires, too. I am very careful about unplugging things and I don’t use fryers, oil on the stove, toaster oven unless I have to, microwave unless I have to. I had a few personal experiences with fire that had tragic consequences, so I have good reason to be hyper-aware of what fire can do.

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Stairs. I can’t think of them without shuddering. When my daughter was born, I had anxiety attacks that led to medication. I would lay in bed terrified that somehow my 2 month old would climb out of her crib, get to the other side of the house, open the door and then fall down the steps to her death. Completely irrational. I’m also afraid I will fall down them and die or be paralyzed.

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Drivers in primer patched cars
People who sneeze all over who say, “it’s just allergies”.

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Lol…..Primer patched cars?

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@jca Oh yeah, those turkey fryers people use. Scary!

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@Supacase That sounds like a case for hypnosis to a past life.

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I just remembered (how could I have forgotten?) my intense fear of elevators!! I’m so paranoid about getting stuck in one, especially alone, that I will take the stairs up however many flights there are to my destination. If I really have no choice but to get on the elevator, I’ll wait until someone else shows up, and if they get off before I reach my destination, I’ll get off with them and either wait for someone else to show up or walk up the rest of the way – very subtly of course haha

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@Blackberry: cars that have been patched all over with grey bondo stuff. There’s a difference in look to a car that’s undergoing restoration and one that’s a battle on wheels.

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Suits who knock on the door.
A ringing phone.
Little kids with snotty noses and hacking coughs.

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I don’t think that I’m paranoid about anything, but I worry about pretty much everything, so really it’s hard to say. If phobias count, though I wouldn’t necessarily consider mine to be paranoia, I have telephobia.

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Moderation. And one moderator in particular.

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@Fly That’s funny we were answering at the same time. Telephobia, eh? I didn’t know it had a name!

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@Fly I never heard of that phobia, but I gusee people can be afraid of anything. My hus and frequently has first interviews on the phone, I guess that would be a nightmare for you? My husband actually isn’t at his best on the phone and makes me make phone calls whener he can push it off on me.

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@JLeslie I rarely answer the phone unless I know exactly who it is. Even then I hate it. I dread speaking on the phone. My husband and I have a deal when ordering take out. He calls and I pay.

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@JLeslie The anticipation is really the worst part. I never know exactly what I’m so anxious about, I just know that the impending call is terrifying.
I have had several phone interviews, some of which have been good despite the nerves and initial hyperventilation, and others of which have been…well, let’s just say that I didn’t get the job.
I force all of my phone calling duties onto my parents when at all possible, even things like making an appointment to get my hair cut. I don’t have a problem talking to my parents or to my sisters, but I have trouble even talking to my best friends and extended family.

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My latest paranoia: That I said too much, didn’t say enough, said the wrong thing in a job interview. I rehash the entire interview all the way home and for days afterward. I feel like a teenager on a first date when I do this stuff. Argh!

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I’m terrified of being made a fool out of, being strung along or being tossed out like garbage. When I allow myself to be vulnerable, it’s because I really want to trust and be open with another person- -but I get paranoid and scared that it’s all a ruse on their end. Unfortunately, I’ve had too many experiences with that happening, which is why I have that paranoia.

I remember clearly being 14 and telling my summer love, “I want to be wanted, not tolerated…” Interestingly enough, 27 years later, I feel the same.

I’ve gotten to where I wonder if I somehow project my paranoias and they manifest themselves—I’m watching for that now.

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Once I was fearfully paranoid about the consequences of loving someone. Then many of the consequences I anticipated turned out to be accurate. (Not to say I regret the experience.)

Now I’m paranoid that everything I think about myself may be a lie, specifically my intelligence and my morality.

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@chyna – that’s me to a T! I constantly rehash things/conversations in my mind, especially when I have too much time in my hands. It drives me crazy that I do that, especially because I know I can’t go back in time and change what was/wasn’t said, and yet I can’t seem to stop…I’m too analytical for my own good.

@linguaphile – yup, that’s me, too!

I’m also paranoid about making grammatical and/or spelling errors, orally or in writing. I always quadruple-check everything I write until I’m certain that there are no mistakes/am satisfied with what I’ve written…

Wow, I just realized how paranoid I really am lol

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Washing my hands after touching animals.

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being paranoid

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nuclear winter and carnies. You know, circus folk.

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crawling and flying insects, to the point where I scream blue murder if one appears anywhere near me.

the shrill of a ringing phone

the fact that loved ones could and will die before me(my death I don’t panic about)

any serious disease that could render me unable to do anything

the list is endless, but these were some of the main ones.

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@Blackberry Nice people can’t answer?

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Death. I’m 44 and had a much loved family member passed away as recently as last week. Btw, fuck cancer.

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@ZEPHYRA I can’t believe I completely forgot about my paranoia regarding stinging insects like bees and wasps! So much so I pulled all the flowering bushes out when I moved into my house.

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Right now, I’m paranoid about how the rest of my pregnancy is going to go. Both of my previous pregnancies ended with inductions early due to complications.

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I’m frequently paranoid that my daughters will be seriously injured or stolen. Already had to go through a terrible injury with my youngest two years ago, and it scares the crap out of me that it could easily happen again.

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I’ve never been a big fan of crowded situations.

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Losing loved ones and not having somewhere to call home mostly.

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Making phone calls (I’m afraid I’ll call at an awkward time), plunging into water (by the time I get submerged in a pool or lake, everyone else has finished their swim), doing any thing but turning things that run with electricity off or on (I’m terrified of getting a shock).

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Being raped, serial killers, involuntary commitment, being pregnant, being kidnapped – you know, horror movie type stuff. Also, phone calls.

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I dunno if it’s still considered paranoia if you have actual good reason to be scared, but everything health related. My body is just so stupid all the time. This is getting a wee bit better though.

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@Mariah You are definately not paranoid. I think you’re amazing.

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That I’ll get sick. That the illness worsen & I’ll have to go to the hospital.
Just got over bronchitis…still paranoid I’ll get pneumonia. UGH!

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Not paranoia exactly. But I once had a panic attack when I thought about the amount of Earth that will likely never see sunlight again.

Strangely enough, I found out this runs in the family. Apparently I had a great aunt who went crazy one day and decided to tear up all the tiles in the house—with her very bloody bare hands.

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Locking my keys in the car. I did it once while the car was running and my handbag and phone were inside the car. It was winter and I had to walk to a firehouse to use their phone, call my mom and have her drive me home to get the spare keys.

I learned from that to make sure that either a) the window is down if I’m out of the car but keys are in ignition or b) double check that the keys are with me and not in the car if I shut the door. I will always double check that the keys are out before shutting door or trunk.

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@jca Ooh same, I deal with it by only locking my doors from the outside, using the key. Also afraid of locking myself out of my room at college, I deal with that by keeping my keys attached to my body at all times (through a belt loop).

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@jca and @Mariah I’ve locked myself out several times, too. Now I make it a habit to always carry my keys in my hand until I’m certain I’m well out of the car (the house, too, for that matter!).

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My keys have a tendency to disappear, even if I’m holding on to them. For that reason, both my son and my roommate have a spare key for my car on their keychains, and I have a magnetic key box attached to my car. After a $150 bill to get into my car in June, I’ve stashed spares around, just in case! You could say that’s another area where I’m paranoid, and justifiably so.

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