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Do you have a business card?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) June 26th, 2012

Recently I gave a business card to a Parisian friend. He made fun of me, saying that “All you Americans have business cards.” He doesn’t have one himself, and he is a professional and twice my age. I just got some made this summer for purposes of networking.

Do you have a business/calling card? Or multiple kinds? What do you use them for? And where are you from? Do you think it’s normal or is it falling out of style?

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I do. Awesome little Fluther business cards. I give them out mainly when I meet people who I think would be interested in (and a good fit for) the site, but I also give them out when people ask me for personal contact info. That way they can email me at their convenience, and I can give them my personal info at my convenience. Easier than having to write it down, or trade phones.

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@augustlan : Sweet. I hope they have jellyfish on them!!

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They totally do. Dr. J (that cute dude in glasses up there on the left ^^) is part of our logo. :D

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Yes I do, though I frequently forget to have them on me on a day to day basis… I’m a self-employed musician, so it’s useful for me to be able to give details out to potential clientèle.

I’m in the UK. People here generally only have them for business purposes, so if their company provides business cards they will have them, but it would be rare for them to give them out to people outside of the business environment, as the contact details on there would be solely work ones.

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Sure, but I don’t get a new one every time the names of organizational units change which happens at least once a year in IT.

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Yes. I’m in NY, southern not far from NYC.

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Yes. My company provides us with them. I give them out to customers who ask, usually for security reasons. The last one I gave out was to a police officer asking for contact information after a break-in at my work.

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Yes, but I rarely use them. Most of my contract work comes from word of mouth. Otherwise, folks just visit my website.

My last FT job didn’t use them at all.

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Heh, yeah. I was given a box of 1000 of them when I started this job 11 years ago. Looking at that box now, I see that maybe 50 of the cards have been used, but I reckon that about 45 of those got used as bookmarks, note paper, or shims.

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I use to. There was a time period when I was working as a relief nurse. I had business cards printed and gave them out to the nurses on all the units I worked on so that they could call me if they ever needed someone to cover a shift for them. That way, I’d get calls for the hospital when they were short staffed and also from the nurses when they wanted a day off for whatever reason. It really helped me get more hours in.

I don’t have any now because I only work at one place and I work full time with overtime already. All of the nurses I work with have access to my phone number and could call me at any time to ask me to work for them if they needed it.

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I started a hand-sewn quilt business in 1986 and, like @thorninmud, had 1000 made. The box, almost full, is somewhere collecting dust.

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Yes, I have some homemade ones that Hubby printed out on the computer. I use them when I give out the gifts I make.

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Yes and so does every adult in my household (includes my husband & my mom).

My mom gives them to tenants, etc. My husband hands his out to clients in case of emergency. And I staple mine to freebies I give out with each order purchased from my ebay store.

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Yes. I have one right now, but I have had multiple cards in the past. I am the social chairperson for the car club we belong to so I hand them to my contact person when we are planning events whether it be at a restaurant or some other venue. And, I give it out to people driving Porsches who are not yet in the club. And, to new acquaintances who I want to keep contact with.

I am in the US now living outside of Memphis, and have lived many places north and south east of the Mississippi.

I think now a lot of people put numbers they want rught in their phone and don’t want to keep track of a card.

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Yes, I do, and mine actually get used. I’ve gone through one entire box since I was hired, and am now working on the second one. I do notice they’re not being handed out/used as much compared with say, ten or so years ago though.

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They make very nice bookmarks. Use them in library books (and leave them in when you return them. You never know.)

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I do. Like many others here I don’t hand them out to people often. I take them to conferences/seminars and the like but often forget to hand them out. I attach them to documents I send out sometimes too.

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I do but I rarely give them out anymore. I have a group of folks I do work for and they know how to get me. At one time I would leave them out at Lowes and I got tired of the weirdos calling me. It’s better to have control over your contacts.

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I don’t think business cards have anything to do with style. I am more under the impression that it’s a representation of yourself and a good form of networking. How would a Parisian know what style is when their country is in economic upheaval? I just recently purchased business cards for personal networking because I got tired of typing my email or information into people’s phones. In fact, I got them at the Moo Website. Many different designs and styles to choose from. I am from New Jersey, I am not a professional, but I was an active duty Soldier several months ago.

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* Madam Coloma’s house of randy ganders.*

Serving the finest of bohemian rhapsody to discriminating clients.

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@whiteliondreams: How would a Parisian know what style is when their country is in an economic upheaval?

What does that have to do with the price of eggs in Reykjavik?

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@bookish1 What does all Americans having business cards have to do with being a professional?

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Maybe your Parisian friend is a professional who gets his paycheck from the govt. in one form or another so…no need to care if he’s networking enough. If I only had to work 11 months (or less) out of 12, I would cut back too.

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@woodcutter: No, he’s an actor, so I would think he’d need to network a lot.

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Yes I have my business card and according to me, each and every person who are involved in business world should have a business card as it shows your professional identity and also conveys the basic information of you and your business company.

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