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Actions Louder than Words?

Asked by osullivanbr (3625points) May 30th, 2008

Since the pen is mightier than the sword, why, oh why, do actions speak louder than words?

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Because your actions demonstrate your true priorities.

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The pen is mightier than the sword because words can hurt.

Action speak louder than words because actions make more of a statement.

Think about it for a second.

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It’s easy to speak, but more mature to take action and teach that it takes a man to do the difficult.

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I am not sure I see the relationship between the two sayings. I would love to hear your thoughts on it though. As to why actions speak louder than words, I could answer that with another aphorism: Talk is cheap.

Let’s say one man tells a woman he loves her 10 times a day, but always forgets her birthday, their anniversary; never takes her out; never does any small thing to make her life better like carry in the groceries, offer to fix a meal, work on her car.

Meanwhile, another man, a rather silent Gary Cooper type, does not ever declare himself, but instead shows up every day, fixes little things around her place, escorts her to local dances and potlucks, helps her open the store she has always dreamed of, sits on the porch to watch the sun go down every night holding her hand.

Which one is the more loving?

Hmm, I mentioned Gary Cooper, and my whole post devolved into an old Western. Sorry, pards!

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Actions speak louder than words! Definitely! For example: If you tell your children not to smoke, but you do it in front of them. Chances are your child will smoke. They will think it’s not that bad if my parents are doing it. Children tend to mimic what the adult does.

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My take on it is quite simple. On the one hand and in certain situations the sword CAN be mightier. For example there’s little point in taking a pen to war. So in that and similar situations the sword is mightier and as such actions (ie. killing your enemy) wins the day.

On the flip side of that there are times that violence or similar actions are Ill-faithed. Possibly in conflict with government for example, a well written or possibly satirical editorial can have greater impact. Hence the pen is mightier than the sword.

Totally depends on the circumstance.

I’m interested to hear the collectives opinions on it though.

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Because he who hesitates is lost, but you should look before you leap.

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Words can affect your feelings because they’re a clearer expression of thought, ideas, feelings, etc. For example; me giving the evil eye may give the impression I don’t like you, but me writing a note saying you smell and are a waste of space makes it very clear that I don’t like you and is therefore more hurtful.

Actions speak louder than words because as much as you express thoughts, feelings, ideas and intents in words, they won’t change the circumstances in which you operate. That requires action to be taken. Example: I could say that you’re not allowed to smoke, but if I take your cigarettes away from you I’m affecting your ability to smoke a lot more.

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Because your actions show your intent.

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@Marina I LOVE Gary Cooper- Sigh! He was sooo handsome.

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You can talk shit all you want, but that don’t mean you can do it.
It means nothing until you put those words into action.

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@babygalll, I’m not sure that’s a great example. I understand what you are saying but both my parents smoke and if anything it’s impact has been on me NOT wanting to smoke at all, whereas my friends whose parents don’t smoke might be a little more carefree about it. (They’re not completely carefree, none of my friends are pro-smoking, but I hope you understand what I mean). To tie this in with the questions, the statement of actions speaks louder than words still applies because seeing them smoke and cough and get sick has a much greater impact on me than if they were to just tell me not to smoke, i.e like my friends and their parents.

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@shrubbery: It was an example or doing something. It’s different for everyone. All the people I know who smoke..there parents smoke too.

It could be anything, but like I said it was an example of one thing.

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Yeah, I just wanted to point out that “chances are your child will smoke” seemed a bit general to me, but yes I know it was just an example, as was mine, we still agree that actions speak louder than words in both these cases :)

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Actions are always louder then words if you don’t show someone how you feel then they might truly not know how you feel always tell them how you feel but more so always show them how you feel

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