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Why are some people so bitchy in the morning?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) June 27th, 2012

Holy crap, I woke to a torrent of abuse and profanity this morning. I’m sound asleep, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything to provoke it. Why do some people get so pissed off in the morning before anything happens to make them angry? I’m very mellow in the morning. What’s up with the morning haters? As always, humor greatly appreciated.

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Could be the simple thought at what lies ahead that day/week….enough to make some go wild!

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High temperatures. People sleep better when it is cool. There is a heat wave running through much of the eastern US. People aren’t sleeping soundly, so they wake up bitchy.

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Caffeine crash.

Lack of sleep.

Woke during deep sleep. Meaning the part of the sleep cycle when we are basically paralyzed.

If they are smokers nicotine withdrawal.

Could be any of those.

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Maybe they didn’t sleep well? Perhaps they are stressed about other things in their life? Perhaps they argued with a loved one?

While I forget this myself when I am on the receiving end of a barrage of abuse, I try to keep in mind they may have things going on in their lives that I am unaware of. Their anger may not have been directed at you at all.

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I assumed the OP was talking about people who are in a terrible mood in the morning consistently. Not because of something currently going on to stress them out or a weather change. Which by the way, cold weather is what pisses me off when I want to sleep.

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I’m not a morning person and I can be a grump when I wake up. I’m peaceful and cozy and I don’t like having it interrupted. I used to be a flat out bitch in the mornings, but I worked hard to get better because that doesn’t start off anyone’s day well. Now I’m just irritable if something goes wrong – like not being able to find a shoe. Still, I prefer to do mornings alone.

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@JLeslie I assumed the same. Forcing myself out of bed on a gray, rainy day is especially difficult, though.

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She’s pretty consistently touchy, but not this bad normally. She stresses over her job. This was a beautiful morning for what it’s worth.

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Freddy visited in their sleep?

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It may be a circadian rhythm issue. The hormone melatonin regulates the body’s sleep/wake schedule. The pineal gland releases it during the dark hours, and it should be pretty much out of your system by the time it gets light. If the circadian rhythm gets out of whack, there may still be residual melatonin floating around at wake-up time and beyond, and that can cause crankiness.

So, ironically, can too little melatonin, because then you don’t sleep very solidly through the night and are then sleep-deprived. There are people who take melatonin supplements to correct this problem, but then end up with residual melatonin in the morning. Either way, you’re cranky.

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Not enough sleep. Having to get up instead of continuing to sleep and be not awake and aware of duty calling. When I told my father I liked sleeping, he replied. “Everyone likes to die a little”.

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I do not like interaction the first thing in the morning. I am sleepy and my brain is not fully functioning.
Don’t ask me questions that require a real answer. I can’t even figure out where my slippers or how to get my arm in the sleeve of my robe, let alone answer you about what we are going to do about the mortgage that is coming up for renewal. I will just look at you in disbelief, and if you press me for an answer I will say sell the fuckin house I don’t give a shit.
I need to go in the bathroom and do my thing, wash my face and comb my hair. I look like crap and I’m not feeling much better. I need some coffee or tea and a bit of breakfast before I can talk to you.
Give me a chance to get dressed and have that second cup and I might even be sweet to you @Adirondackwannabe .

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Low blood sugar makes me a bitch in the morning.

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We’ll pretend that I saw this question this morning…

What the fuck? Did you just call me a bitch? Stop looking at me! Do you want coffee? Why the fuck not? Quit opening and closing your dresser drawers so loudly. Do you have to hum while you brush your teeth? Get out of the bathroom, now I have to shower in your stink! And why in the hell were you kicking me last night? Nightmares? What the fuck do you mean you don’t want to talk about it? Did you seriously just pair army green shorts with a lime green golf shirt? Busy day planned for today? What the hell does “I don’t know” mean, you own the damn company! Let’s get back to calling me a bitch…

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Okay, in all honesty, that ^^ was just fun. :D When I first wake up, it’s more like, “Zzz, rub eyes, yawn, stretch, yawn, boob scratch, sigh, go pee, take dog out, smoke cigarette, take dog back in, brew coffee, yawn, sigh, rub eyes, stretch, husband asks “What are you and the kids doing today?”, “mumblemumblemumblemumble, yawn, mumble,” pour coffee, guzzle first cup of coffee, yawn, pour second cup of coffee and sip, stretch, boob scratch, rub eyes, go back outside for one more cigarette and play a quick game of some sort on the Fire tablet, go back in, deeeeeeeeeeep stretch, yawn, pour third cup of coffee, sigh while simultaneously rubbing neck and arching back, rinse coffee cup, clean coffee pot, ask husband “Did you say something sweetheart?”

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Cause I hate waking up! I need my time to gradually wake to the day, and when someone says anything to me, I get angry. I like to be left alone for about an hour if I haven’t woken up to an alarm. If it’s a workday, no one should talk to me before 10, and if they do, I don’t always have the best disposition.

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@mazingerz88 That happens to me.

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I really wish my bed could fly me to work, so that while it does, I could sleep for a little bit more until I got there. That would rule.

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I either throw the things that wake me up, or throw things at the person who woke me up.

It might just be that I like throwing things.

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I’m not a bitch, but am certainly not at my best when being woken up, any time of the day. If I can sleep to my hearts content, and wake up when I’m good and damn well ready, I’m actually quite pleasant.

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Woke up hot or sweaty
No coffee or tea fix yet
Wonky blood sugar
Wanting nicotine
Body hurts
Slept like crap
Stressed for shite to do once awake

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I woke up just now thinking about that other thread about why cows moo and sheep baa in the morning…MEUHHHHHHHHH (I think that’s what cows say in France)

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I have constant giant spider nightmares so that explains me…..

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I think its probably because their tired and were forced to get up…. I am NOT a morning person, and that’s why I’m always grumpy in the mornings.

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