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Do you ever use candles at home and why?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21584points) June 27th, 2012

Do you use the scented ones to create a lovely scent at home? Find that using them as soft lighting in your bedroom helps you fall asleep better? Do you use them to save on electricity? To create a cosy atmosphere? To carry out rituals?

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I just like to watch them burn, helps me take a bit more pleasant trip down memory lane.

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Only on the dining table when we have guests. Oh, and there are candles waiting to be lit in the bathroom, should we have a power outage.

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I like to set things on fire, I like candles that smell nice (although they don’t work nearly as well as incense), and I use them on my altar.

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Once a month I slaughter a goat and use candles during my sacrificial ceremony. I particularly like the “fresh cotton” scented ones.

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I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a pyro, I saw a magnesium lighter in a store and instantly purchased it with no hesitation with a creepy ol’ grin on my face… heeheehee, I’m going to blind the neighborhood come July 4th teeheehee…

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I don’t really use scented candles. They tend to make me sneeze. I do use candles in the bathroom though. Firstly because we have no light fittings in there yet and secondly, I like lying in the bath with just candle light.

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I like to fart on a candle when indulging in a spot of karaoke in the living room with friends.
This song being a particular favourite, it really does go down a treat.

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A candle should never be lit to save money on electricity. A 4 watt night light is much cheaper.
Candles should be used for mood lighting, scent, and in emergencies when the power is out.
Although…. I have heard of them being used for other purposes due to their distinctive size and shape.

Darn it I am such a engineer I have to do the math…
Assume electricity costs $0.10 per kWhr. A 4 watt night light will run for 250 hours on 1 kWh. 250hr for 10 cents. or 2500 hrs/ $1.00.
How long will a $1.00 candle burn? 10 hours? 24 hours max?
A candle is ~100x more expensive than electricity.

Value of sex during buning of said candle? Priceless!

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Do people really use candles to save on the power bill? :-(

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@Bellatrix In one episode of Big Bang Theory, Penny supposedly did it. Of all shows, they should know better.

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They are pretty though hey? My Nana’s house used to be lit by gas mantles. You are such an engineer :-)

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@LuckyGuy But it was Penny, she doesn’t know better!

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@chyna Yep. You’re right. They did miss a chance at a teachable moment though. Can’t you just picture Sheldon talking about that? Running through the costs and the increased Greenhouse gas emissions and….. Oh No!!! I’m sounding like Sheldon!!!

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I use them for the aroma and the late night dancing with my wife after the kids have finally gone to sleep.

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We light them all the time just to set a nice mood :)

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I love using candles in my lair.
I prefer a nice dim glow of light as I am rather light sensitive and it sets a nice atmosphere to just chill and go about my business. Plus I’m always getting candles as gifts so I gots to use them.

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“We’ll make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”
—Thomas Edison, according to Civilization 4.

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I have candles in case the power goes off but I have never used them.

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We light them for rare times we have company over, the ambiance is so nice that way. Candles in our room are nice but not often because our a/c runs pretty much year round and blows the candles out. If I had a choice and someone else cleaned all the mess and soot then I’d have candlelight over electricity.

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I love candles. I use scented ones a lot. They come in handy when you want to get rid of a bad smell. I also have a lot of non scented ones which I’ve used as decoration. I use them in the bathroom too. I love the atmosphere they create.

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