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How to tackle the "can’t get experience without a job; can’t get a job without experience" problem?

Asked by niki (714points) June 27th, 2012

I am turning 30 yrs old soon, and unfortunately I feel that I’ve made many wrong decisions and taken the wrong path, starting especially from taking the wrong major in university (4 years in Finance, which is mostly due to pressure from my parents & uncle; I’m from Chinese family), and thus now stuck in a job/business that I really have no motivation (helping my father’s business in manufacturing).

I have always been deeply interested in other ‘deeper’ things in life such as: human’s psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and lately even deeper into Dreams study!

With such fields as above, I think what would make some money (although I don’t always like the concept of “live for making money only”, but that’s I’ve discussed in my other Fluther questions) is to teach, or write a book.
The problem is: sometimes I’m afraid if to teach or write a book indeed requires a related Uni degree / title / credentials , or related work experiences in those same field, and all those prerequisites, whereas largely I was unfortunately/sadly from a ‘business’ background (which I really regret honestly).

Hence, the “can’t get experience without a job, can’t get a job without experience.”
My question therefore is: how can I bypass and solve this ‘classic’ problem?

To be more specific and detailed:

1) Can I also just go straight-forward directly into writing a book and/or teach those subjects/fields I’m interested (ie: learning by myself, self-learning through books, internet, etc) without being judged by publishers of lacking credentials in related field?

2) Or if I can’t, and really have no other choice than to take university again, is there a 1-year only school, or sort of an ‘extension’ school for those subjects above? Can I combine all those fields into one writings?

3) Last question, but not the least importance: what if I don’t have enough money , and also consideration of Time, and also parents’ pressures, you think I can still go back to the university to take those majors and obtain the Degree ? or, is there any other alternative or even much better and simpler ways?

thank you~

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