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For those of you who don't have AC or central air, how are you going to cope with the heat today?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10929points) June 28th, 2012


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Open a window, use a fan. Wet a washcloth with cold water and put on the back of the neck. It’s the way people dealt with the heat for ages.

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My air went out last summer. It was a nightmare and I now know what hell feels like. Since the weather here is incredibly humid anyway swamp coolers an damp washclothes provided little relief. We had fans running in every room of the house, kept the curtains closed, put our clothes in the freezer, and drank a lot of water. There was no denying though, it was miserable.

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I have a small AC in my upstairs apartment. I’m not worried about myself so much as I’m worried about my dog. not sure what I’m going to do.

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I have one of these puppies, with two dinner plate sized fans and enough force to blow a door shut from across my bedroom, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Interesting question. We are having ours replaced today because it broke down. Yesterday, when it got too hot, my grandson and his girlfriend took a long drive to the mountains to escape the heat – it was minimally cooler at the higher altitudes, but the air conditioning in the car kept them cool.

The heat doesn’t really bother me. A few years ago, when our air conditioner unit outside broke, it took 21 of the hottest days of the year for them to get the replacement parts.

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Yeah, I work in a screen printing shop with a 10 ft dryer. There’s heat pouring out of it, warming the room air to 10 degrees higher than actual “conditioned air temp”. There’s no way we’d not be calling a technician, for maintenance of our central air. After we’re done printing for the day, we turn it down. We have fans running constantly.

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I’m going to head over to my g/f’s in Michigan. Central air there.

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Last week it hit 100 and we’re having our house painted, so the a/c was out of the window in our bedroom. I had to get up at 2 in the morning to take a cool shower and that’s how I made it through the night.

Today, they are finishing the kitchen window where the a/c there is, and we should be able to put it back tonight. The a/c is back in our bedroom.

The other thing I do is go to the pool and hang out there in the early evening. That keeps me cool. After next week, I’m off to NH for a bit of coolness. But I’m glad it’s getting hot because I like the lake to be warmed up.

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I have central air but if I don’t turn it on and gets hot I will go jump in the lake.

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I keep dowsing my pooch with water. He loves the hose.

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I do have, but if it is ever out of order, I literally lie horizontally with the fan on top of me!

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It was roughly 100 here for the past week, now the next few days the high is only 90 but it’s still hot as hell in my house. The thermostat was at 95 for a couple days. We have one fan. I try to stay occupied. The other day I BAKED A PIE in this heat. I said to myself “Deni, you gigantic moron!” But the pie was worth it. I feel bad for my Barnabus though, he is pretty much dead to the world. To answer the question and quit rambling though, I spray myself with water and sit in front of my shitty fan when I have the time.

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M house was nicely built into the side of a hill so my basement floor (finished) opens onto gravel under the deck and the lawn in front. Thus there are floor to ceiling windows and sliders for light and a view; the rear of this floor is below ground so the entire area is always cool.

I keep standing floor fans next to bed, in office and in guest room on first and second floors. They help at night; during the day, it’s best to stay downstairs.

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I drank too much beer, then I returned home to find out that my running water has been cut for some mysterious reason. So… I failed today.

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I have total privacy, so I take off my clothes. When it gets dark, I turn off the lights and open the door to the balcony outside to let the cooler air in.

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For the first time in a week, it’s been a cool 85 degeees. It was the 110 stuff that was really hard to deal with.

My apartment is basement level, so that’s most of it. I have some nice air conditioned coffee shops and libraries I can go to if it gets too hot.

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Luckily we have window units in our house to keep it cool. I know my husband would be miserable to have to come home to a warm house after work. The temperature has read 130F inside the building where he works the past two days (Thursday and Friday). They changed the work schedule to 4am-12:30pm to try to beat the heat of the day.

I have a friend who is a Marine vet who likes to remind all his friends on Facebook who are bitching about the heat about all the service members in Afghanistan. They are there in full gear in 120F temps. Kind of puts things into perspective. It could be worse for many of us.

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Oh, here’s a good one from non-AC days in South Florida… It sounds kinda weird but it works, for a while at least. Put your undershirt/t-shirt in the freezer for about half an hour and then put it on.

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@bookish1 I knew someone who would put their bra in the freezer. Good idea!

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@bookish1 and @jonsblond we did that last summer! It worked great for a bit, but at first we felt like we were outside in the middle of December, but it wasn’t long before our body heat undid the effects!

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When I had an apartment with no a/c I used to spend a lot of time in the library.

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