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Will Craigslist store my phone number?

Asked by pshizzle (1100points) June 28th, 2012

I made a posting, and it said I need to verify my account via text or call. I did it, so will Craigslist bill me for this or store/sell my number?

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How could Craigslist bill you when they don’t have your address or credit card info? I’ve never heard of being billed through Craigslist, and I use it frequently. I don’t use my phone number on that service, so I don’t know about calling them.

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I have used Craigslist often, and they asked to verify my account through my phone once or maybe twice. I honestly do not know for sure whether or not they have stored my phone number, but I can say for certain they have never billed me for any of my ads.

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I’ve never even been asked to verify via text or call. They just send me an email to verify that is indeed me, and I reply, and then my ad goes up. So, only through e-mail. But like @Hawaii_Jake , I’ve never been billed for any postings I made.

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If you actually open an account you have to verify via phone. You can both buy and sell without opening an account. This is why you are hearing different stories. Do you have an account?

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