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How do you turn the vertical list on a webpage, paste horizontally?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 28th, 2012

On many websites lists tend to be vertical, Here for example. which is okay but if you don’t want to have to scroll up and down, (esp. when trying to compare the lists), how do you have it paste horizontally?

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I mean How do you make it paste horizontally? Ignore the word turn.

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HIghlight, copy and paste onto a word document. Then you can fiddle to your heart’s delight.

Or open up the same page in another Browser window and let your eyeballs do the work.

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Look here and remember to repeat some coding to duplicate the listing within the table.

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if you’re in excel, Paste > Paste Special > Transpose

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Thanks all.

@gailcalledThen you can fiddle to your heart’s delight.” I’m not sure if you mean, please tell me what you mean by “fiddling”. I’m trying to avoid fiddling.
And the second suggestion, the same thing. I’m trying not to have to do that. @whiteliondreams It is really a simple thing that I’m looking to do. That link looks for someone who is more literate etc.
@gambitking I’m not in exel.

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@gambitking okay Excel is within MS Office, I thought it was it was independent of Office. Thank you. Now I’m trying to get the right ” Special Paste” and not this one.

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Okay never mind I skipped one step, that:s why I got the other thing.

Okay now I got done, on Excel. How do I get it copied into this dialog box here?

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1.Apples 2.Celery 3.Strawberries 4.Peaches 5.Spinach 6.Nectarines– imported 7.Grapes – imported 8.Sweet bell peppers 9.Potatoes 10.Blueberries– domestic 11.Lettuce 12.Kale/collard greens The Clean 15 – Lowest in Pesticide 1.Onions 2.Sweet Corn 3.Pineapples 4.Avocado 5.Asparagus 6.Sweet peas 7.Mangoes 8.Eggplant 9.Cantaloupe- domestic 10.Kiwi 11.Cabbage 12.Watermelon 13.Sweet potatoes 14.Grapefruit 15.Mushrooms

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