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What is the connection between craft/DIY bloggers and Christianity?

Asked by augustlan (47376points) June 28th, 2012

I’ve noticed that a large percentage of DIY and/or craft bloggers have Christian themed projects or post scripture or at least reference Christianity on their blog sites. Why do you suppose that is?

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Maybe because they happen to be Christian and Jesus was a craftsman (carpenter) so they feel connected to their lord?

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There was a question a couple months ago that noted that crafting seems to be really big within the conservative Christian middle class. So I’m guessing that extends to DIY crafting?

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Thanks for the link, @Aethelflaed. Interesting.

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I think it’s just the whole idea of homemaking being importantl and the crafting is all a part of that. If you google Christian homemaking you get all sorts of blogs stressing cooking, gardening and crafting as a way of making the home more special. Although I don’t like PomPom poodle toilet tissue holders myself I do like more artful, simple ways of making a home more personalized and unique. I don’t think the craft needs to be Christian themed but it makes sense that it might be some of the time since in the community the blogger fits into it’s an important part of their life. It may also be something parents, usually Moms, can do with their kids to spend quality time vs. watching TV and playing video games. Personally, I’d rather bake cookies….

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They are in small communities, usually organized around their religious structure and they must conform or lead a miserable life, so generating crafts for the kiddies that reflect their religion is a must. This blogging is a way for the Mom to earn something extra without leaving the house, as most fundamentalist Christian sects require that the woman keep the home by staying at home. Since they have things so organized, they have time to work on their skill development.

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It sells to that audience (white christians).

I don’t think that the crafts people are inherently christian, but they do want to sell their stuff and there is a huge christian market. So they build to the market.

It’s all about the money,

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Christians must sublimate their sexual urges. Instead of making babies, they make… uh… toilet tissue holders. Also, Christian women, in certain communities, are discouraged from working outside the home, lest they emasculate their husbands. They have to do something with their time. Crafty things are acceptable.

And if these folks are from the Midwest, then you’ve got the Scandinavian and Germanic work ethic traditions fitting in. What do they say about the devil and idle hands? Anyway, keep those hands busy or you will be doing something unChristian, I think.

And you certainly wouldn’t want women thinking for themselves, would you? I mean, then they’d all turn liberal and vote for Obama, and we can’t have that.

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Wow. Interesting generalizations. Maybe they don’t watch much TV or play on the internet and enjoy working with their hands. They may even get together with friends and talk to each other while knitting, crocheting or quilting.. You know, like socializing? While not being involved in religion myself, I think one of the church’s positives is the socializing aspect, both for their members and for other civic and charitable causes.

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I look at hundreds of DIY blogs and homeschool blogs.

Do you really think it’s more than the make-up of our country @augustlan? I haven’t noticed that many that have any religious influence at all.

What type of DIY/Craft blogs are you looking at? My best guess is tat you must be looking at holiday crafts or the like, where there’d be a higher flux of Christian crafters.

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I agree with @Earthgirl . Not only do many Christians have an emphasis on homemaking for women, but depending on how conservative the group is many Christian women are not employed outside the home.

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@SpatzieLover No, I’m pretty uninterested in holiday crafts actually. This is more like DIY projects for interior design and such. I can’t be sure, of course, but it feels like a higher percentage than the make-up of the country. It could just be that in my daily interactions with people, religion doesn’t come up much, while on the internet, people are more likely to talk about it.

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