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Why do cats like to eat fish if they hate going near water?

Asked by jmeyer (4points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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I don’t think the water has anything to do with it, if cats like fish there’s nothing wrong with it, they just hate the water that gets in the way.

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they might just like to hunt, just because water is in a way they still take a chance.

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Just for the taste of it?

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Not all cats hate water. I’ve had 3 now that we have had to make great efforts to keep them out of it. As I said in another post, we have 3 “punch bowls” that we have to keep the. lids closed on. We also have had to keep them out of the room when taking baths, or they will join in for a swim.

Then again, this latest one is weird, she loves chicken, but won’t touch tuna.

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Cats are into cheap thrills?

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Yea not all cats hate water.

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I don’t think domesticated cats have a special preference for fish or any other form of flesh (being carnivores, after all.) I’ll bet this widely-believed, scientifically inaccurate characteristic was borne of two sources. First, cat people probably got the notion stuck in their warped little minds “OMG, kitty’s in my dinner plate stealin my fish sticks,” and ran with it’s barely discernible cuteness. Second, some genius in a pet food conglomerate’s marketing department (perhaps one of these freaky cat people themselves) transformed the idea into an appealing campaign via early television commercials featuring the antics of these furry, miniature killers.

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