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Guy stopped talking to me, should I talk to him before he leaves?

Asked by Applesauce (4points) June 29th, 2012

We were seeing each other and he would text me a lot, then when I went on a vacation, I came back and he didn’t seem interested anymore and stopped texting or hanging out. He’s moving soon and i don’t know if I should even say a last farewell or not. haventreally talked to him

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No, don’t. let him go. He’s leaving anyway, so any connection you would create would be short and non-fruitful. Move on.

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Do you WANT to talk to him?

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Does it seem like he cares about saying farewell to you?

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What could it hurt to just tell him goodbye and that you wish him well?
I would reach out to him. I think you would have more regrets by not saying goodbye than if you ignored him.

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Take his lack of communication as a lack of interest.

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No; he’s a memory now.

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Give him the cold shoulder.

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I’m with @chyna. A proper goodbye is like a bridge. And bridges should never be burned without very good reason. You might never need it but it is good to know it’s there.
Say a proper good bye, swap contact info, wish him well, then do not contact him again.

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It’s awkward if I do though rite? Do I call him or ask to meet up a last time? What if he says he has no time?

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If he cared, he wouldn’t have stopped talking to you. I wouldn’t even give him the time of day. Move on.

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I’m with @LuckyGuy Text him to say goodby and wish him well. Don’t ask him to take time to see you. You never know what the future holds.

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He can live without you, sad to say that. That was opinion.

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