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Do any flutherites play Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Asked by LittleLemon (1281points) June 29th, 2012

If so, does it take over your life?

Also, Republic or Empire?

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No. I play Star Trek Online.

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I’ve been known to dig out the old PS2 & blast away for an hour or two on Battlefront, can’t beat that old but still great game feeling.

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You mean KOTOR?
I love it to death, and I regret that I didn’t bring it with me this summer.

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@bookish1 I think OP means the MMO

I haven’t played it because I’m not a fan of MMOs and I don’t want to deal with Origin.

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@Michael_Huntington‘s right. SW:TOR is based on the original KOTOR (which made me lose my shit in my early college years). I’ve recently succumbed to the MMO dragon. If you can call 9 years “recent”.

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I did play. I was a scoundrel until 1.2 hit and Bioware overnerfed them, so I quit (and Diablo 3 came out). I would probably play again if it goes free to play, but I’m not paying anymore for a game that the developers obviously have no idea how to balance.

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I played it for a short stint when it first came out. I wasn’t really a fan. Some aspects were really cool, but it felt grindy, there were way too many Jedi everywhere, the abilities felt generic, the class mirroring felt like a shortcut, and every pull had several mobs in it, so you were constantly having to CC things which felt like a chore.

I hated how they tried to tie everything back to the movies which made the movies feel like the things in them were just typical of the universe instead of being unique to those characters. For example, apparently it’s common for Hutts to have rancor pits (making me wonder why Luke wouldn’t have known to be careful). Apparently it’s common to freeze people in carbonate too, and to display them as trophies, which makes me wonder why Vader had to test out the carbonate machine on Solo first. Lots of crap like that made the game feel cheap to me instead of taking the skeleton of the Star Wars universe and reimagining it in a different era.

I think I might have enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies before Sony Online Entertainment ruined it. SWTOR was a big letdown for me. Personally I’m looking forward to Guild Wars 2. I’m hoping that game can live up to expectations.

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@gorillapaws That’s an interesting point. I never really considered how the game detracted from the movies, but that does make sense. Kind of a shame.

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@LittleLemon well I tend to think it mostly reflected poorly on the game. I still like to think that Jabba the Hut’s rancor pit was unique to him and part of his twisted personality, or that the carbonite freezing chamber was a novel idea that Vader cooked up to capture Luke so he could be turned to the dark side, and that the game designers were being lazy. There were a lot of moments like this for me (although those are the two that really stuck out and readily come to mind right now).

Oh and there’s lots of mention of rebels, the empire, the separatists etc. They’re using them in the context of the game’s time period, but I found that to be super annoying too. They should have some creativity and reimagine the Universe thousands of years before the films instead of trying to (badly) twist the game into an analogue of the films.

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@gorillapaws Criminy, that’s a good point. That’s never occurred to me while playing an MMO based off of another source, but I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to grindable time-sinks. Makes you wonder if there really are any decent “sequels” out there.

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I do not. I played a bit during the free weekend and really didn’t like it. I was a big KOTOR fan and I like me some Mass Effect but TOR was just so underwhelming in comparison. The combat just felt sort of bland, and the game fell victim to the fetch quest cycle most MMOs suffer from, where there are loads of different quests that are all the same.

But I’m a bit biased. Never been an MMO fan.

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