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Do you know anyone who has been successful at multi level marketing?

Asked by choreplay (6290points) June 29th, 2012

I have met someone selling a decent product. She is one of the most optimistic people and is incredibly driven to be successful at building sales and a team.

When I run into people like this I just shake my head and think they are doomed to burn out before making any money. The sales network for this product is fairly saturated. I would rather not disclose the product to keep the answers focused on the probability of success with this type of marketing.

Given the individuals drive and personality I think she just might do it.

Have you known anyone that was significantly successful at this?

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No, but I know someone who lost everything because of it. I mean they ended up declaring bankruptcy. It’s very sad.

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No, they’re structured like a classic pyramid scheme, so only a very small handful of people at the core of the organizational structure get rich. They’re able to avoid prosecution because of loopholes, as I understand it. I think even the most driven individuals are going to be pretty screwed, especially if they’re not smart enough to figure out they’re being scammed.

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Yes, successful with Amway but he started in the late 1960’s.

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I would highly suggest that anyone considering joining one of these to listen to this great interview with Robert Fitzpatrick.

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Thank you guys

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I’ve had many friends and family sucked into these schemes, so I’ve done a lot of research. this is a good place to start. There’s a story led to on that site about a “gem level” success who had loans out against everything he owned and a garage full of products he bought for himself when his downline didn’t come through.

Also, Believe! The Movie(film) is good at illustrating how it really goes down.

Unfortunately, these are only valuable to people who are being courted and are skeptical. If you try to show this to your friend; she’s a believer and you are a dream killer.

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I’ve had some personal experience with multi-level marketing. I know of people who are successful at this but no one that I know personally. Your friend’s optimism and hard working nature alone will not guarantee success. Such qualities are just the foundation.

Other skills required are:

Very skillful at motivational speaking.
Great salesmanship
Blind ambition
Bold determination
Ability to use people (Know how to con people)
Ability to motivate people
Ability to motivate people to use other people
Have no regrets from conning so many people

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