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Smokers: Have you ever used e-cigarettes?

Asked by LittleLemon (1281points) June 29th, 2012

If not, would you ever consider them? Why or why not?

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I’ve never tried them but I would like to. I’m trying to quit though.

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I did some poking around on the intarwebs, and it seems some of them are used as cessation devices. I’m curious to try them, as I’m constantly feeling bad about blowing smoke outside the building I work at. Not a lot of places for smokers to go without being in someone’s way.

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My wife uses them and she was a heavy smoker before. They aren’t cheap either but they are still better than real cigs, for everyone concerned.

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Yes. I have tried them. I was pretty into them for a while. I seem to have lost track of my device” and I ran out of nicotine juice a long time ago. I need to start doing it again. It was hard to find the perfect one. I like the “burn” in the back of my throat or else it doesn’t feel like I’ve smoked, even I am getting the nicotine and it was hard to find one that provided that sensation. But, when I was “vaping,” I was down to about 6 real cigarettes a day and I felt better.

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No and I wouldn’t consider them. I enjoy smoking cigarettes not sucking on plastic.

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Never tried them. Not really interested, but I would consider them if they can be beneficial to trying to quit. I don’t really get how they work though.

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When I was giving up I tried them and they did absolutely nothing for me. What helped me quit was oranges. Want to smoke? have an orange. That is what did it for me in the end.

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Oranges? Huh. Weird, but I’ll keep that in mind.

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I like them, and I am not trying to quit. Mostly, because they allow me to “smoke” in my bed, without being concerned that I am harming my children. But, I like to smoke in bed.

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I use them. It’s hard to find one that taste most like your real marlboro cigarette. I’m not going to pay 15$ a packet for real cigarettes, so I think they are my solution.

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I’ve used ones that belong to friends. I don’t really care for them. As @tsultan stated, they are too heavy and will fall out of your mouth if you don’t grip them with your teeth.
I might consider using one to wean myself off nicotine. I think that would work better than the horrid gum or patches, because I have a serious oral fixation :-p

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@bookish1 That’s what your hands are for; for gripping and holding things. The human hand; what an amazing and extraordinary thing: four fingers and and opposable thumb you hold the e-cigarette in your hand. Try that and see if you don’t get a better result next time. :-)

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@lillycoyote : Haha, I will give that a try next time. I do appreciate having hands… It’s just that I like to Bogart so I can multitask while I am smoking he writes with a Camel Menthol Light clenched between his teeth

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@bookish1 Now that’s something they don’t talk about on the websites. The weight would be a slight hindrance for me as well, though I could always get used to smoking with my teeth. Does yours give that burning sensation akin to a regular cigarette? I smoke Camel Menthols too, like for real, omg!

@trailsillustrated Which one do you think has the most likeness to Marlboros?

@lillycoyote That is the biggest concern for me. I need the “burn” too. Before you lost your device, which one(s) did you settle on?

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@LittleLemon right now I am using the ‘halo’ industrial strength e-cig it’s big and black and you can buy the drops for it. I never held cigarettes in my mouth or teeth because it’s bad for the skin and discolours the teeth. So that’s not a problem for me. It’s called a ‘throat hit’ and I bought the strongest drops they had in the flavour like a Marlboro which for me is closest to winfield blue.

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@LittleLemon : To answer your question, the one I tried did not give the burning sensation. It did make my throat dry, but I think that was just from a direct bolus of nicotine and nothing else. It wasn’t very pleasant at first but I’m sure one would get used to it :-p

I brought two cartons of Menthol Lights (now Silvers, I keep forgetting) to France and they only lasted me a month, haha. Smoked my last one yesterday.

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@LittleLemon I will just have to get back to you on this. One of the big problems was that I would run out of “juice” and could only order it online so I kind of gave it up. There is finally a a local supplier, where I can simply walk into the store and buy the juice and now I have a bottle of juice and I don’t know where my damned devices are! There is one box where I think they, and the batteries may be. I will simply have to dive into it.

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